Puzzle is a useful widget that enables you to easily create jigsaw puzzles from your preferred photos.
You can drop a photo from your computer or a web page onto the resizable frame and it will create a jigsaw puzzle to solve with 8 to 120 pieces!







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Create Puzzle Cracked 2022 Latest Versions by resizing a photo in front of you. Press the UP and DOWN key to slide the pieces in place. Tap on a piece to confirm your selection.

Basic Features:

Create your own Puzzle Product Key from any photo.
Drag and drop from your image library to create the Puzzle Free Download.
Create Puzzle Torrent Downloads from a photo web page.
Use the up and down keys to slide and place pieces.
Save your created puzzles to your camera roll.
Share your puzzles on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr.
Puzzle can be fully customized by selecting from a list of outline images and colors.
Add color stickers to your puzzle.
Share your puzzle from within the app.


Your feedback is appreciated!
I’m always interested in improvements. Please let me know if there are any problems with the app or any other suggestions.

**Puzzle is the property and trademark from Genie Lee and may not be used by anyone else without permission.
All rights reserved.
Copyright (C) 2019, Genie Lee. All rights reserved.
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Puzzle [32|64bit]

Puzzle is a useful widget that enables you to easily create jigsaw puzzles from your preferred photos.
You can drop a photo from your computer or a web page onto the resizable frame and it will create a jigsaw puzzle to solve with 8 to 120 pieces!
It’s easy. Just add your favorite photos on a PNG file and drop them into Puzzle.
Puzzle will create a puzzle out of them. Puzzle can be placed on the desktop and if you click on the puzzle, you can choose to add more pictures to the puzzle, remove pictures, or share the puzzle via e-mail.
Support GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG and TIFF file formats.
Start Puzzle now!
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Solve each puzzle to see if you can achieve a perfect square number!
Have fun!

TurnSketch is a transformational sketch pad that enables you to create paintings of’square’ inspiration, like this one:

Don’t have square shapes on a piece of paper? Here’s a try:


TurnSketch’s paint palette allows you to paint with – what else – square brushstrokes.

Create a new layer

Set the Brush Stroke Size to the Size of a Pencil

Let’s paint a square with ease

Create a new layer

Draw a straight line

Then merge down

Unselect the layer

Press Ctrl+T on Windows or Command+T on Mac

Select Pixelate

Let’s convert it into a square

Create a new layer

Draw an arc

Then merge down

Set the blending mode

Use a random gradient

Use the colors

Stroke with the pencil

Create a new layer

Draw an arc

Then merge down

Use a random gradient

Use the colors

Paint a dark and light square

Create a new layer

Draw a line

Then merge down

Create another square

Fill with white

Create a new layer

Draw a rounded square

Then merge down

Create a new square

Fill with white


To fill a photo with a color, choose Colorize/Fill/Colorize and use the Colorize effect in the options menu

To create a white square on a photo, choose Fill/Colorize/Fill

To create a dark square on a photo, choose Colorize/Fill/Colorize and use the Colorize effect in the options menu

To create a random gradient from a preset gradient, choose Stroke with the pencil, select the gradient you like and click on the’sample’ button

To create a gradient from the color you like, choose Stroke with the pencil, select the desired color and click on the’sample’ button

To make a square, draw an arc or draw a line

To make a random gradient, click on the’sample’ button

To fill with white, use the Fill/Colorize/Fill menu

To create a uniform gradient, click on the left side of the control

What’s New in the Puzzle?

The frame has a dynamic adjustable center that stretches to fit whatever size puzzle you provide. When a picture fits inside the frame, you can just drag it into position. Drag it around the frame to resize it.
Drag a picture directly into the puzzle to create a smaller puzzle.
When Puzzle is activated, a window appears to the bottom of the screen.
This window is an HTML5 canvas where the puzzle is being drawn and made visible to the user.
Click on this window and drag around to resize the puzzle. This window allows the user to see their puzzle progress.
When the puzzle is done, click on the Puzzle menu. 
You can remove the puzzle from the frame or click to set the frame as your wallpaper.
Puzzle Features:
Support for multiple sizes of puzzles
Adjustable center
Puzzle Staging window to see progress of your puzzle
Use your mouse to drag pictures into the puzzle frame to quickly create smaller puzzle sizes.
You can drag pictures out of the frame to create a larger puzzle.
When the puzzle is done, the puzzle can be saved directly from the canvas. Click on the puzzle menu to save it to your computer.
Or, you can view your puzzles in a compact view and view them in full screen for viewing.
The puzzle image is dynamically drawn when Puzzle is activated.
Once the puzzle is done, the puzzle menu is available to organize, delete, or download the puzzle.
Puzzle is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
Puzzle is created using the HTML5 canvas feature of web browsers.
It is written in JavaScript.

Here is example puzzle:
You can download Puzzle from here:









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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Class 36
Subclass 420: “Puzzle toys”.





Puzzle is also included in the free software products:
CA-Projects Inc. Winter


System Requirements:

All files are in a single package, download it, and install the game.
The installer will install the game into its own directory, you do not have to install the game into your steam directory (in the case of Steam).
Game Controller:
In order to play the game on PC, you need a compatible USB game controller, a gamepad recommended for use in games such as Portal.
Using your keyboard and mouse to play the game, is recommended.
We are currently unable to support the use of Oculus Rift for