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Trillian Pro provides instant messaging and presence
solutions for Novell GroupWise clients. It offers customizable
Novell GroupWise 5.x-based custom clients, as well as
online and local chats as a frontend to the Novell
GroupWise services.

We highly recommend that you read the following before installing NovellGroupWise Messenger.

1. Removing all user-specific data
1.1 Don’t remove the application directory (Trillian Pro requires it)
1.2 Don’t remove the configuration files (Trillian Pro requires it)
1.3 Don’t use the repair tool (Trillian Pro doesn’t support it)
1.4 Don’t use any third-party software (Trillian Pro uses Novell GroupWise)
2. Prerequisites
2.1 The Trillian Team works with Novell GroupWise Messenger 5.0 and Novell GroupWise client 5.5.
2.2 You must have a valid support contract with Novell GroupWise and Novell GroupWise Messenger (for
receiving support).
2.3 You must have a valid support contract with Novell GroupWise 5.x-based client (for receiving support).
3. Novell GroupWise Messenger Installation
3.1 The installation package includes a Trillian Pro 3.0 installation file that requires.NET Framework
3.2 You must configure the installation path, the description, and the license key in your preferences
1.6 When you encounter any problems with the installation of Trillian Pro, use the steps below
to uninstall the currently installed version and reinstall Trillian Pro 3.0.
1.2.1 Open the My Computer shortcut in Windows Explorer
1.2.2 Select Control Panel
1.2.3 Select Programs
1.2.4 Select Trillian Pro
1.2.5 Uninstall
1.2.6 Reinstall Trillian Pro

This support topic documents the steps to extract and install Novell GroupWise Messenger on
the current system. If you have Windows Vista and Windows 7 (or other Windows release),
Novell GroupWise Messenger can be installed using the following steps.

3.1. Download and extract the Novell GroupWise Messenger installer from the relevant product
3.2. You

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If you need to work with your Novell GroupWise e-mail client, have it
imported into the Trillian Pro to access data from any other server.
Simply connect your Novell GroupWise to Trillian Pro. Through the connection
it will also be able to work with e-mail.
Novell GroupWise Messenger Integration ScreenShot:

You will need to do some setup to get this working, but it could be
worth the time and effort to switch e-mail clients. Let me know what you

Mar 28, 2008

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Hi all,
My name is Josh and I’ll be doing the Guest Service Monday
through Thursday. I haven’t figured out what exactly my day is
going to be yet, but in the meantime I’ll be tending to any
comments/suggestions/questions. Monday through Thursday,
I’ll be answering emails, PMing replies, and working on my
So don’t hesitate to leave a comment or hit me up on IM.
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For more details about this add-on you can see our guest FAQ at:

Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. We can
be contacted via the Trillian BugTracker:

Bug #24859: [item: 22838] Trillian 4.0: the time display for guest is off
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2008 09:29:13 -0500
From: Wendy Bratton
To: Trillian Bug Tracker
Subject: [item: 22838] Trillian 4.0: the time display for guest is off

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GroupWise Messenger is the e-mail desktop client for Novell GroupWise. It allows you to view, send and organize your GroupWise mailboxes from any computer. If GroupWise is not installed on the computer, you can install the client from within Trillian Pro.
This extension will allow you to view, send and organize GroupWise mailboxes from within Trillian Pro.
This extension will allow you to view, send and organize Novell GroupWise mailboxes from within Trillian Pro.
This extension will allow you to synchronize Novell GroupWise folders from within Trillian Pro.
This extension will allow you to view, send, edit and delete messages within Novell GroupWise via Trillian Pro.
Trillian Pro & Novell GroupWise Pro integration is supported by Trillian Pro.
The add-on is compatible with all Trillian Pro clients.
See this issue on GitHub for download. Thanks.

Thursday, August 29, 2015

I have run a lot of games (over 7000) during my life, for as long as I can remember, on a regular basis. Whether it was some type of game or another.

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What’s New in the Novell GroupWise Messenger?

Novell GroupWise Messenger is the Novell GroupWise email client. It includes many features, such as: a powerful search feature, a powerful address book, spam detection, extensive security features, and a variety of compatibility options.

This has been a major point of contention with Frewa over the last few releases of Trillian Messenger (Timestamps are one of the main reasons for that).

It would be nice to have Frewa implement the Timestamps feature from Trillian. Trillian on the other hand – as we now stand – needs to improve the way it handles the truncation of our data. That’s why we are looking for a third-party app to do it.

I have a suggestion on that topic. I don’t know if it fits the bill, but here it goes:

We are using Trillian’s “Local Replication” feature, which is part of the Trillian release for Trillian Pro.

When you configure local replication, you can define two lists of directories to be replicated between machines. The main idea is that you don’t want your data being duplicated between your two machines, so you can setup these directories to be “deduped” on one side and keep data only on the other machine.

But the problem here is that both lists must not be identical, so one of them must accept additional directories that the other doesn’t.

If we were to take the idea of usage of Novell GroupWise Messenger, we could have such a list. This list would define “don’t-store-replicated-files” folders. Any file that was stored in a folder that was replicated between the machines would get considered a replication error, so Frewa could be notified of them.

Frewa could put this list at the top of his “Trillian Messenger” folder. If the folders exist but were not replicated between Trillian Pro instances, Frewa would find new folders that were missed in the list and compare the files that was replicated between his servers to try and find the error.

It’s quite a lot of work on our part to set things up this way, but it might be easier than changing Trillian itself, which we don’t really want to do, because it may make future updates a bit more complicated.

If anyone has an idea about that, we would love to hear it.

Hopefully, this would help solve some

System Requirements:

Peripherals (Required):
Turbine Controller
Air Server Interface
Communication Board
Batteries (Optional)
The Aviation Drone Kit requires the following:
4AA Batteries (Sold separately)
4pA Servos (Sold separately)
Please Note:
Controllers/cameras used in this build must be grounded or tied together so they will not power anything else.
UAVCAN and AURA are not compatible