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Russia has increased the number of cruise missiles that it can deploy around the world, despite having lost an important annual war games, according to a report.

US Defence Secretary James Mattis said last month that Russia had conducted an “unprecedented” number of drills simulating nuclear missile attacks during 2018.

The exercises included rapid-response strikes on US and Nato bases in Europe, and a record 2,000 troops near Moscow.

However, following the war games in November, Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told the Russian news agency Interfax that Russia had increased the number of cruise missiles it could deploy in response.

Russia has increased the number of cruise missiles that it can deploy around the world, despite having lost an important annual war games, according to a report. Pictured is a Foton-M2K missile launch from a S-400 missile system (C)

The exercises, known as Zapad 2017 (West 2017), included rapid-response strikes on US and Nato bases in Europe, and a record 2,000 troops near Moscow (pictured)

He said Russia had increased the number of cruise missiles it could deploy from 780 to 830 by adding a new nuclear-capable cruise missile to its arsenal.

Mr Mattis said Russia had increased the number of cruise missiles that it could deploy around the world, and the US had to avoid this in future.

‘They have started to increase the number of the missiles they can deploy in the world,’ Mr Mattis said, according to the Pentagon.

‘And that was something that I will have to take into account, in my planning for what we do.’

He added that there had also been an increase in the’submarines, corvettes, and the numbers of forces there’.

‘It was unprecedented, and it was… I think, strategic portent for the world,’ Mr Mattis said.

Mr Mattis told reporters last month that this year’s war games involved ‘unprecedented numbers of troops’ and ‘unprecedented numbers of military aircraft’.

‘A lot of it is happening right now,’ he said. ‘The number of military aircraft that are flying and they have added new units, new units of troops, up on the border with what is obviously our NATO allies.’

Russia’s defence ministry

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Evidence of transfer of amino acid and RNA between chaperone-free Escherichia coli cells.
Bacterial cells that have lost their chaperones and are thus practically free from misfolded proteins can still resist heat stress, but the mechanisms involved are not well understood. To gain further insight into these mechanisms we investigated whether amino acids and mRNA are transferred between cells that have lost their chaperones during heat stress. We used new cell variants where the competence to take up and accumulate amino acids and mRNA can be switched on or off in a genetically decidable way. Our data show that cell variants unable to take up amino acids or RNA survive heat stress as long as they are able to do so. The heat survival time of the latter group of cells is dependent on the position of the transfer event. Cells that take up amino acids but not RNA from their environment are able to survive a heat stress as long as they take up nucleic acids. Cells that are unable to take up amino acids survive a heat stress as long as they can take up RNA. mRNA-containing cell variants, in contrast, do not survive a heat stress as long as they are able to take up RNA. In agreement with these observations, we measured reduced concentrations of heat-stressed RNA-bearing cells and found the effects to be strongest in the group of cells that are unable to take up amino acids. Thus, the delivery of amino acids to heat-stressed cells appears to be the major source of the increased survival time observed for RNA-bearing cells and for cells expressing the heat shock protein GroEL.A few days ago, I wrote that I wanted to learn how to code. I can’t say that I’ve made much progress, but I’ve improved just by sharing these experiences. I’ve had some frustrating times, but I’ve also had some great times. I’ve also done quite a bit of learning.

So, what are some of my initial experiences? Why do I want to learn programming?

I have a pretty good set of expectations for what a computer can do. I expect a laptop computer (or smartphone, or desktop computer, or game console) to be able to run digital content. Like a video file, digital content can be speech, a movie, an image, an HTML or XML page, a running application, a game, text, music, or a video. Like a smartphone, it should be able to

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This cross-platform program can be used on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X systems.
It is a lightweight, portable app that does not require an installation.
The program comes with a simple user interface, which makes it easy to learn and use.
It allows you to disable some of the edges of your screen, so that the pointer can be dragged to the opposite side of it.
Since it comes with no help documentation, you may need to refer to a specific manual to solve any problem while using it.
Enables you to move your mouse beyond the screen’s borders with continuous movement.
Border-Less Unlimited Mouse Supported Platforms:
Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X systems
Supported by Microsoft Windows
Supported by Linux
Supported by Mac OS X
Download Border-Less Unlimited Mouse
Click on the “Download Border-Less Unlimited Mouse” button on this page to start downloading the standalone version of Border-Less Unlimited Mouse for your operating system.
During the download process, you will be asked to enter your email address, in order to receive important download notifications.
You will find its “Instructions” page on the Border-Less Unlimited Mouse website, after you have successfully downloaded the application.
If you do not already have Internet access on your operating system, download and install the Border-Less Unlimited Mouse standalone setup package.
In order to work with this software, you must have Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X operating system installed on your computer.
When the download process has finished, launch Border-Less Unlimited Mouse and run it.
While Border-Less Unlimited Mouse is running, click on the “More Information” button on the interface’s upper-right corner and select “Close Window” to close the application’s main window.
Since Border-Less Unlimited Mouse is a portable software, make sure to find its installation folder when you launch it.
After that, you have to copy its files to this folder. The main Border-Less Unlimited Mouse application executable is named “Border-Less Unlimited Mouse.exe”.
After its installation, you can quit Border-Less Unlimited Mouse by pressing its “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” shortcut key combination.

What’s New In Border-Less Unlimited Mouse?

Border-Less Unlimited Mouse (BELU) is a program that allows you to
move the mouse pointer continuously over the edges of your Windows
screen. This is a great way to minimize the amount of scrolling you
have to do in your web browser or e-mail programs. As you move the
pointer to the edge of the screen, BELU will move it in the opposite
direction and bring it back to the edge of the screen for you.
If you find that you have to scroll through webpages or emails a
little too often, BELU can be a great tool to help you. You can easily
disable the edges that BELU moves the mouse over, so that scrolling
through webpages will no longer be a problem.

Border-Less Unlimited Mouse Manual/Setup:

To keep the mouse pointer from moving out of the bounds of the
screen, you can disable some of the edges. To do so, select the edges
that you want to disable, and right-click to bring up the context menu.
Choose the option to “disable edge”.
When you disable an edge, there will be no edge under the mouse, so
if you drag it over the edge of the screen, BELU will move the mouse
back over the edge, and not out of the screen.

Border-Less Unlimited Mouse Screenshot:

The Image above shows a simple setup window that shows the locations of edges and corners where you can disable the edges.

I am sorry to tell you that despite asking the author about making any adjustment to the theme that I already had, he did not answer. So I have had to bemyself and try to achieve the same result.
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Resize ImageView as per screen size?

I have an ImageView in my layout file.
I want to resize its size when the screen size varies.
What is the correct method to do this?
Edit: I have tried everything. There is no function to detect screen size change.


I have used this utility function. It works for me.
public static void setScreenSizeAdjustListener(Activity

System Requirements:

In order to play on Steam, you will need the Steam Client installed. You can find out how to do this at
If you have an existing account on GameSpy and wish to keep it, you will need to use the same GameSpy account details on Steam.
To change your login details or add your GameSpy account, see these instructions: