When it comes to small businesses, the Internet offers a whole array of applications and programs that you could use in order to manage your operations. One of them is Zfactura.
It's a neat software solution that lets small companies create a detailed database with information on customers, inventory and even invoices.
Modern and fluent graphical interface
The application sports a really intuitive and clean graphical interface with multiple nice features and tools at hand. It comes with multiple customization tools that you could use in order to change the whole appearance of the program.
You can apply a different theme, pick from many of the available options. It lets you add a background image, change the headers, height, add a description text and adjust the font style and color.
Manage business operations easily
You can add all sort of invoicing data, including the trade name, name of the company, address, postal code, country, region, city, fiscal ID, tax information, phone number, email address, bank account, website URL and company logo.
You can make document settings and add a signature to your invoices, as well as quotations. It allows you to adjust decimals and make some minor database changes. You can also restrict access inside the application by using a user name and a password.
Create a database with your customer information
It comes with the option to create a database with your customers and manage their contact information in an intuitive way. You can add information on their name, address, postal code, city and much more.
It allows you to add customer invoice information, create a quotation list and add vendor and customer invoices. It lets you manage an inventory of all of your products and you can adjust payment methods.
All in all, Zfactura is a very useful application for managing your customers, products and various other business operations.


Download ……… https://urlca.com/2soyUY

Download ……… https://urlca.com/2soyUY






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“ZFactura is a completely free invoicing solution. It’s an order, invoice and pay application that’s perfect for your next invoicing project. zFactura features built-in service and quote templates that you can customize with your own text. You can also adjust fields such as amount, due date and discount, without getting bogged down in technical jargon. You’ll have a powerful set of tools at your disposal in order to manage orders, invoices and payments. You can easily merge multiple quotes into invoices, generate a number of different types of reports, perform account balancing, settle accounts and send payments in a matter of seconds.”

Key Features of ZFactura:

Demo of ZFactura by Kevin Ford

Learn more about ZFactura:

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The software is compatible with the Windows operating system, and it supports a number of other applications. It also supports the use of a mobile device.

Once you have installed it, you can use the POS application to accept orders from customers. To add customers, you need to enter details such as name and phone number. You can also enter information about the quantity that you want to sell.

A few other applications that work with the POS system include QuickBooks Bill Pay, QuickBooks Online Invoicing, and QuickBooks Online Credit Card Processing. These applications let you pay bills, create invoices, accept credit and debit card payments.

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• CRM Invoice Management
• Sales invoices
• Sales Quotation
• Sales order & Purchase Order Management
• Sales Register
• Customer Register
• Vendor Register
• Basic invoice print
• Basic invoice PDF print
• Basic invoice QR code print
• Print invoice and QRCode images
• Print invoice, QRCode & QRCode image data
• Export data into Excel
• ZIP compression feature
• Multi Currency (18 currencies)
• Multiple data sheets in one file
• Split data between two files
• New Sticker ID
• Improved doc signature
• Auto age feature
• Empty report with alternative text
• Bug fixes and improvements

• Updated daily basis

• No License or Support required
• 100% Money Back guarantee
• No time limit
• 100% software upgrade guarantee
• 30-days money back guarantee

ZFactura Review:


[Version 1.5.3]
You might like to install new ZFactura Plugin V.1.5.3.
To enable the new plugin, simply install the V.1.5.3 version from

[Version 1.5.2]
You might like to install new ZFactura Plugin V.1.5.2.
To enable the new plugin, simply install the V.1.5.2 version from

[Version 1.5.1]
You might like to install new ZFactura Plugin V.1.5.1.
To enable the new plugin, simply install the V.1.5.1 version from

[Version 1.5.0]
You might like to install new ZFactura Plugin V.1.5.0.
To enable the new plugin, simply install the V.1.5.0 version from

[Version 1.4.8]
You might like to install new ZFactura Plugin V.1.4.8.
To enable the new plugin, simply install the V.1.4.8 version from

[Version 1.4.7

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ZFactura lets you easily create an invoicing module for your websites. It’s very easy to use. Create invoices from your customers. Customers can order products. The invoices can have a template so that you don’t have to manually enter everything. You will just have to adjust the template and insert data. The invoices that are created using this module can be printed using the printer of your choice. It can also be exported to an electronic document to help you easily send to customers, banks, etc. You can use the module to print a receipt for your customers who have made an online purchase. The information that is passed to the customer at the time of the purchase will be displayed on the receipt. Our electronic mailing solution lets you easily send invoices to customers. The module for this can also be easily integrated to our synchronization products. The invoices can be easily scheduled for invoicing. You can easily create an unattended batch process to send invoices to customers.
ZFactura Key Features:
** Marketing. You can create a template for your invoices and send them to your clients.
** Usage of templates.
** Support for invoices with images, logos, etc.
** Images are saved with the document.
** Additional design elements are created using available features.
** Integration of document management.
** Print. You can choose any printer that you prefer. The document can be exported to PDF or Excel.
** Scheduled notifications for invoicing.
** Batch invoices.
** E-commerce feature. You can create and print invoice for your customer.
** Support for advertising.
ZFactura System Requirements:
** Linux(Ubuntu), Windows, Mac OS X.
ZFactura Free Trial Version:
You can trial the application for free.
Frequently Asked Questions:
** How much does ZFactura cost?
** Does ZFactura support invoices with logos?
** Can I download ZFactura in Spanish?
Our website provides all detailed information, FAQ’s, screenshots, reviews, a demo, a video guide, and a list of ready-made templates, you have everything you need to create invoices, create products, manage customers, create trades, etc. on any system. See for yourself.

AutomateTBS is an easy to use utility for running automated tasks. It lets you create custom automated tasks and run them across multiple

What’s New In ZFactura?

The first thing you get to know about ZFactura is that it is in Spanish and all the features are explained in Spanish as well.
The application is easy to use and the language barrier will not be an issue for you.
Intuitive interface
The interface of the application is very easy and fluid. It is very comfortable to work with and you will not have any problem in understanding all the options that are available.
No matter what your level of technical skill, you will not need any special knowledge in order to get used to the software.
There is plenty of room for making the interface your own by customizing it the way you want it. You can change the colors of the text and background, the header, the links and add your company logo.
The application comes with some nice themes you can make use of. You can make it match your company logo, specify your store name or add some custom background images.
You can also enable or disable all of the different menus according to your preferences. All of that is easily customizable so you can make your software even better.
Manage customer information
You can manage customer information with ease by creating a database of your customers. You can add information on their address, phone number, bank account and email, as well as add their logo and create a quotation list.
You can also customize how the addresses are going to be displayed by adding a whole bunch of data on the right side of the table.
Search and sort the invoices
The invoices are organized by date and you can manage all of them in a systematic way. You can see the customer and vendor names and quickly search invoices for your customers, vendors, or locations.
You can search invoices by company name, vendor name, or both company and vendor name.
Sort the invoices on the basis of the date.
All invoices can be sent instantly.
Create invoices
You can create a new invoice as well as edit and update an existing one. You can add a signature and easily create quote lists.
You can also save them as a PDF file to send it to clients easily.
No account needed
You do not have to create an account in order to be able to work with Zfactura. It will let you manage your inventory and collect sales data without any problem.
Transfer funds
You can easily transfer funds to your vendor or customer accounts via a fast and secure online process. All


System Requirements For ZFactura:

Category S Recommended/Maximum:
Category S Minimum Recommended:
Category S Configuration:
Difficulty: 5/5
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