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Menu text: The text to display in the menu bar.
Display text: The text displayed when the widget is displayed.
Image: The widget’s picture.
Display number: The number to be memorized.
Number display speed: The speed for which number should be displayed.
Number count down timer: The count down timer for which display number.
Time interval: The interval time of count down timer.
Word list: A dictionary of the words used by you for this widget.
Default Html code: The default html code which is placed in the widget.
Default CSS file: The default css file which is placed in the widget.
Transparent png: Whether to display a transparent png in the widget.
Menu bar text: The text to be displayed in the menu bar.
How to use:
If you like this widget, please rate it.
Thanks for using this widget.

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Memorize Numbers Free

Welcome to a widget, a widget which helps to improve your memory.
This widget allow you to train your memory by memorizing numbers.
Basically, you will learn how to memorize numbers.
And you will also improve your brain, which seems to be one of the last untouched subjects of the human mind.
How to use this widget:
■ Open the widget page from the main menu, by clicking on the “Memorize Numbers” text.
■ If you want to know how much memory you have to improve, you can select the “Know your memory” checkbox on the menu bar.
■ To start the game, you need to enter a number. In the widget, you need to keep typing numbers until you found the one you wanted.
When you found the number, click on the “Tick” button to check the answer.
If it is correct, you will find a new number with one more digit.
If it is not correct, the game will be ended, and the number will disappear.
Number must be 4 digits long.
This widget display a counter for you. This will keep showing the number you have memorized.
It’s really useful to check your progress…
If you got a problem with this widget, please send us an email with the following details:
* your website;
* the name of this widget (hint: in the widget url or the code);
* the error you got.
If you have a problem with the widget and you didn’t send us those details, we won’t be able to help you.
After the widget will be closed, you can send us an email with the needed informations.
Thanks for using the widget.
All the data we got about this widget is based on data on the web.
So we can not guarantee that what we got is right and you can not guarantee that what we have is right.
Please bear these points in mind before using the widget.
Use the widget at your own risk.
I can not be held responsible about your decisions about using this widget.
Any problem you might get might be due to the information we got.
Although we are really accurate, please don’t blame us if you got an error and you found that our data was wrong.
Even if there was an error in our data, we have done our best

Memorize Numbers Crack Download

This widget is created by
It is easily customizable and customizable number list and will meet all your needs.
■ Clicking on the widget automatically loads the numbers to your PC as a list.
■ Multiple layouts can be used such as vertical, horizontal, cascading, etc.
■ You can add, delete or alter the configuration of the list.
■ You can click on the widget to remove the list from the window.
■ Clicking on the widget displays the list to the screen.
■ You can customize the color, font and position of the widget.
■ Ability to search the number in the list.
■ You can copy or paste the number into the edit box.
■ You can use the icon to sort the list alphabetically, reverse alphabetically, or in numerical order.
■ You can switch back and forth from the list to the edit box.
■ You can change the function of the click button to search by titles or numbers.
■ You can add numbers to the list or delete them.
■ You can disable the number from the list.
■ Allows you to configure various options.
■ You can export the list to Excel.
■ Allows you to save the list as a file.
■ Allows you to share the list on the Internet.
This app is not affiliated with in any way.
If you have any issues or want to see something added to this app, contact me at
This app has been tested on Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/XP/Vista.
Try to keep the number list as small as possible.
If you need more space, you may want to add a custom.XML file which we have made.
You can download it from our site:

This widget may contain some advertising.Q:

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What’s New In?

■ Welcome to the world of memory training.
■ A game which helps to train one’s memory.
■ Memorize Numbers is an essential program for every one who wants to remember some numbers.
■ It provides you with the chance to train your memory by recalling the numbers which you have typed.
■ This memory game offers you the experience of playing a simple Flash game on your PC.
■ The aim of this game is to remember as many numbers as possible.
■ You can choose the type of numbers to be recalled.
■ The game is very easy, so you can play it by recalling numbers with any difficulty level,
■ you can click the left mouse button on the playing board and recall the displayed numbers.
If you touch a number which you do not remember, you will have to start the game.
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System Requirements:

Buy the game
How to install:
Note: if you want to play in both your main and secondary language, you need to install the game twice.
Note: The’more’ option in the installer does not show all languages in the game, it only shows one of them (English). You should still be able to use the game, but the ingame text will only appear in English.
Note: If you already have the English version of the game installed, then you can use the provided ‘Regenerate’ option to remove