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■ E-Vaistine image cropper is a simple and handy application that allows you to batch crop the images from a chosen folder.
The program automatically pulls all the images in the current directory.
The program then cut corners of images (you can specify how many pixels to be cut).
The program creates a separate new folder, and then puts all the cropped images. 
The program contributes significantly to, if you often need to cut a small fixed size watermarks or fax headers / footers.

■ The main window of the program is composed of three main menus: “File”, “Settings” and “Exit”.
At the beginning, there will be an icon of a folder.
Clicking on the folder icon you can select a folder with your images.
The program will take all images from the folder and will save it.
If the program finds more than one image file with the same name, the program will save only the first image that is found.

■ At the Settings menu, you can add your own watermark and size, etc…
To add your own watermark, you can click on the Settings menu, and then on the “Watermark” tab.
A format list will appear, where you have to select a format in the list for which the program will automatically generate a new image file.
If you need to add your own watermark, click on the “Add New Watermark” button, and then add your watermark in the text box for the new watermark.
After this click on the “OK” button, and then on the OK button again to confirm the change.
The watermark is saved and then the program will put the new image file.

■ At the “Exit” menu, you can close the program.

■ The program has only one window which shows you a status bar, with the following information:
The current amount of images in the folder that are being processed.
The processed images’ file sizes.
The current directory that the program is working on.
The current processed image file name with the extension.
The current number of bytes processed.
The current size of the image.
The current watermark’s display position.
The current watermark’s image.

■ If you want to cancel the program, press the “Cancel” button at the top of

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E-Vaistine is a handy image cropper that allows you to batch crop images of almost any size from a chosen folder.

The program automatically pulls all the images in the current directory, then crop them to a specified size.

The program then creates a separate new folder, and then put all the cropped images.


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E-Vaistine Image Croper Crack + With Serial Key

E-Vaistine image croper is a simple and handy application that allows you to batch crop the images from a chosen folder.
E-Vaistine image croper auto-load all the images in the current directory.
E-Vaistine image cropper removes corners and watermarks.
E-Vaistine image cropper then deletes the original and saves a new cropped file.
E-Vaistine image cropper also offers you to choose a custom watermark (which can be of any size) or use a logo or text. 

More complex software developed by the same programmer is V-Aistine – a tool to batch crop images from an individual directory, or if you do not like the hundreds of folders of a set of files or folders you have you can choose and crop with just one click or drag.
V-Aistine software auto-loads all images from a chosen directory.
V-Aistine software removes corner images and watermarks.
V-Aistine software then removes the original image and saves a new crop image.
V-Aistine software also offers you to choose a custom watermark (which can be of any size).

E-Vaistine User Guide

V-Aistine user guide is an individual image cropper or image editor with high functionality

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System Requirements For E-Vaistine Image Croper:

• Desktop or laptop computer
• Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
• 1GB RAM (or higher)
• 720p (or higher) display resolution
• DirectX 9 graphics card
• PC speaker
• GBA with appropriate software
Additional Notes:
• A built-in GBA or GBC is recommended, although these are not required. They are included as the GBA cartridge is required to play the game.
• This is an NTSC game, so an NTSC system