The RemEx application was designed to be a small tool that will allow users to remotely execute a program on any computer in a Windows Network. It is useful as a simple central management tool for managing installation on your network.







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The RemEx application installs a Windows Service on your computer. It connects to the remote computer on which the service will be installed. Once the installation is complete, the RemEx service closes. A separate utility is then run on the server that connects to the RemEx service and executes a specified program. The user is then presented with the option to restart the computer or restart the RemEx service.
If the application is successful the Windows Service is installed and the installation log file, sqlite database, and Windows Service is written to your hard disk.
Please use RemEx before you start any program that is to be remotely installed on your network, as we are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of our application.
RemEx Features:
Remote installation, uninstallation, startup and shutdown
Controls user’s computer from remote server
Configure startup options
Log installation information
Startup, shutdown and restart the computer from the remote server
Easy configuration with a simple user interface
When the RemEx service is installed, it automatically starts the application
When the RemEx service is uninstalled, it automatically stops the application
Remote startup and shutdown of the computer
In case of a hardware malfunction, the user could re-boot the computer to start the RemEx application, and reboot the computer to shut it down
Remote / auto log file
All the information of the remote computer is written in the sqlite database
The remote computer is managed with a simple user interface
The RemEx service is designed to be an invisible service, thus it does not appear in the task manager.
The remote computer must be set as a server (like in a Domain), with a static IP address
An administrator can take control of the remote computer from the server with the built-in Admin console.
A user can click Start >> All Programs >> RemEx >> Select Server >> Select Remote Computer to manage the remote server
The RemEx service does not require administrators to have permissions to modify the system.
A user will only be prompted with installation questions
The user will be asked to authenticate with the local password manager
The password database is not saved to the local computer, so the user is not required to re-enter any password.
The database can be stored on the server and extracted to the local computer as a backup file
The application can be uninstalled from the server using the built-in uninstaller program
The RemEx service has a built-in uninstaller program
The uninstaller program also checks


This is a small tool that allows anyone to remotely execute a program on any computer in a Windows Network. There is no need to install anything on the computer. The RemEx installers only require the file EndPoint.exe to connect and execute the application.
RemEx Scope:
This tool is targeted at small and medium sized businesses and Education. This scope allows the RemEx application to be used to remotely install programs on computers in a network.

What’s in the RemEx:

RemEx application is a simple command line tool.

This tool will install and start “EndPoint.exe” remotely on any computer in a Windows network.

By default it will run as Administrator.

This tool does not require a configuration or time for the installation to take place.

How it works:

The RemEx application is a command line tool. It can be ran by a user or any administrator on any computer in a network. Once it is run it will connect to another computer in a network and invoke the EndPoint.exe application.

EndPoint.exe application should be configured to share any folder that contains the application. This allows the RemEx application to know where to find the application.

The RemEx application requires a username and password to execute a given installation.

The RemEx application can be configured to use a different network username and password.

It will run as Administrator once it is installed on the remote computer.

The RemEx application is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.


RemEx Application Screen Shot:

Other Features:

1. Support for NTLM and NTv2 logons for Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista operating systems.

2. Ability to use a different user name than your active user name.

3. Remote application support for Windows XP to Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit operating systems.

4. Ability to do multiple installations of a given application.

5. Ability to remotely execute a program and allow the user to interact with the program.

6. Force the execution of the program to run at a given location and make the application visible.

7. Support for using network credentials other than the current local user account.

8. Can be configured to interact with the application and allow for the execution of any user interaction while it is running.

9. Configurable log files to

RemEx Activator

The aim of the RemEx tool is to create a simple windows application that will execute a program on any computer in the network. The application will execute the program at the system level, the installation does not require permission from the Administrator.

To execute a program simply double-click a RemEx file and enter your password and the program will be started. A screen will appear that will confirm the execution of the program on the computer and would ask the user to enter their password. If the program cannot be found then the RemEx application will display a dialog box and ask the user to find the program and execute it.

RemEx can be considered as a simple file and folder manager/updater. RemEx can be used for the following applications:

I managed to get quite a lot of FPC-123 compatible devices working with the FPC-123.exe in the previous post
Well, let’s say, they work, but they are doing strange things when used at the same time.

Most devices support two simultaneous operations. The thumb is used to open a file in a program, and the e-pen is used to open the same file for editing purposes. We can verify this by opening two copies of Microsoft Word, and selecting “Open in the same program” in each of them.

But FPC-123 also has two ways of opening a file: from a device’s memory and from a program’s memory. We can verify this by opening a single document twice in FPC-123 and going to the menu File -> Open -> from a device’s memory, or File -> Open -> from a program’s memory.

In the first case the document is opened in the program’s memory, while in the second it is opened from the device’s memory.

FPC-123’s default configuration is to open a document from the device’s memory.
Let’s take the example from the previous post, the pen-enabled MScream device. We have verified that it correctly opens the MScream device’s memory, but when we open the same memory from FPC-123’s menu, nothing happens:

I was able to make the FPC-123 work with the MScream device, and with many others that I tried. The device is important: if the MScream device is not working with FPC

What’s New In RemEx?



Sep 1, 2017


After the v.2.0.0, a new version is here.
– Thanks to Plunky who improved the GUI
– More Technical Functionalities has been added, including a command to let the user move from one machine to another
This application give the user the ability to:
– Install a program on any machines in your network
– Or the opposite: Uninstall a program on any machine in your network
– Moverunmachine
– Copy
– Dump
– Compile
– Execute
– Run
– And one more thing that the users will ask for because it is their favorite: Move machines
– This is all!!!
The software itself is made and designed for both novice and advanced users, the windows version is clean and the programm is simple to understand.
Here are the different screen shot for you to have an idea of what this application has to offer
-Here we can see the GUI


May 29, 2016



Apr 9, 2016

-Bug Fixes


Apr 9, 2016


-Bug Fixes
-Users option was not implemented


Feb 13, 2016


This program is the first version of RemEx.
With a high responsability is a program, the first version of this application is pretty simple, but the features are growing and this version is the beginning of many things to come.
– This application is especially useful when you want to do the following:
– Install a program on any machines in your network
– Or the opposite: Uninstall a program on any machine in your network
– Moverunmachine
– Copy
– Dump
– Compile
– Execute
– Run
– And one more thing that the users will ask for because it is their favorite: Move machines
– This is all!!!
The software itself is made and designed for both novice and advanced users, the windows version is clean and

System Requirements For RemEx:

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