PC Confidential is a handy tool which enables you to delete traces on your computer, so that you will gain a secured environment. Plus, you will also be able to free up some space on the hard drive. The interface of the application is plain and simple. PC Confidential can erase Internet history, temporary files, media player history and chat logs. You can either perform an individual or complete scan. So, the program can take care of the browser history, cache, cookies and search history in Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Firefox and Opera. But it can also scan the recent documents list, Windows temporary files, Recycle Bin, along with file search and Windows Explorer history. In addition, PC Confidential can delete data from the Windows Media Player, Real Player and Quick Time Player history, as well as remove information found in AOL, MSN and Yahoo chat logs. Once the scanning process is completed, you can find out the total number of items found in each category, but you cannot view a detailed report. Plus, you can shred files, so that they won't be recoverable via special “undelete” programs, manage a list of trusted, restricted and unclassified websites, and more. PC Confidential runs on a low amount of system CPU and memory, includes a comprehensive help file with snapshots and quickly finishes a scan and clean job. We haven't encountered any problems. Too bad you don't have the possibility of scheduling tasks. Otherwise, we strongly recommend PC Confidential to all users.







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PC Confidential Serial Key can make the life of you and your family easier in many ways. This popular registry cleaner can safely and easily clean and fix errors in your computer without risking your data and setup. You can easily select the unwanted or unused files, folders, and registry items to remove with just a few clicks. PC Cleaner is the only registry cleaner that finds, deletes, and removes unused registry keys and values. PC Cleaner can efficiently clean your computer registry and eliminate annoying programs that have been left there without your knowledge. PC Cleaner can safely remove unwanted files from your computer by listing items that are no longer being used, rather than the ones in which your are currently working. PC Cleaner can find invalid DLL file errors and deleted DLLs (dead links) to keep your computer fast and stable. PC Cleaner helps you automate the process of cleaning your PC by allowing you to schedule cleaning using Microsoft Scheduler. PC Cleaner Features: Finds: Finds files that are no longer in use and safely removes them Finds unused and invalid DLLs, which means your computer is less likely to crash Deletes: One click clean a registry, one click fix invalid DLLs, and one click, fixes dead links Registry Defrag: Optimize your registry Safely Remove: Removes unnecessary files, including unused Web files, temporary files, and other types of files. Safely Remove: Deletes the latest unused version of Windows Updates Automatically updates: Scan and clean your computer at regular intervals Support all windows versions and languages Deletes invalid Registry keys Supports 64 bit operation Automatic Crash Recovery: Returns your PC back to normal in seconds if it crashes Directory rebuild: Reduces disk space taken up by unused and invalid directories and files System Booster: Includes 32bit (XP) and 64bit (Vista and 7) 64bit version Systrendz – SystemTrendz is a system monitoring and optimization application that detects and configures your hardware devices and provides you with detailed information about each one. It can also monitor your system, network, and provides details about them, including CPU, RAM, and hard disk usage. Download SystemTrendz 3.1.1 b Update Detects all your hardware components and

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With PC Confidential, you can easily erase traces on your hard drive and free up some disk space. Plus, the program can shred files so that they cannot be recovered by special “undelete” tools. The interface is simply plain and simple, and the usability is terrific. Plus, this package is easy to use and doesn’t require any user training. So the program can clean cache, cookies, browsing history and temporary files in Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Firefox and Opera. You can also shred file contents, so that files won’t be recoverable via special “undelete” software and schedule tasks. Additionally, you can also remove the recent documents list, recycle bin and Windows Media Player history, as well as remove info found in MSN, Yahoo and AOL chat logs. With the Internet Explorer’s history list, you can delete history, including the cookies, temporary files, and search history. Plus, you can shred files, so that files won’t be recoverable via special “undelete” software. Moreover, you can easily manage a list of trusted, restricted and unclassified websites and backup files. Once the scanning process is finished, you can view a detailed report, however you can’t view a list of items found in each category. You can shred files, so that files won’t be recoverable via special “undelete” software and manage a list of trusted, restricted and unclassified websites, and more. Finally, the package has a comprehensive help file, which contains snapshots and a scan takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Users with little or no knowledge in using a computer can easily use this program. Drive Defragmenter 5.00 – Arafat Imadratrian has announced the release of Drive Defragmenter 5. The program supports a few systems and the interface is simple and intuitive. This program is an ideal solution for folks who use more than one partition for storage. Drive Defragmenter 5 – Iradata Imadratrian has released Drive Defragmenter 5, an excellent tool to defrag all your hard drives. Besides its simplicity of use, the program offers several performance-boosting features. You can defragment either a specific or all partitions of your hard drive. Drive Defragmenter 5.00 – Arafat Imadratrian has announced the release of Drive Defragmenter 5. The program can be used to defragment 2f7fe94e24

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PC Hardware and Software Virus Free for Mac is a useful tool for those who want to keep their system virus free, free of spyware and free of malware and adware. It enables you to keep your computer virus free and protects you from hackers by detecting viruses and adware on your system. It maintains a look out for different threats and alerts you the moment any suspicious or harmful programs are installed on your PC or laptop. To start off with, when you install a program on your Mac, it is done so on the first installation of your Mac. Subsequent installations are only for maintaining the original programs. The next step is to scan for viruses. This should be done within a period of one week of the first installation of the software, as that gives the software time to complete its diagnostics process. You need to be aware of a couple of things. First, it isn’t possible to completely ‘clean’ your Mac of viruses. Also, the more programs you install, the slower you Mac will be. The hardware and software cleaner, which is also a low-resource scanner, gets rid of all the potential security threats, such as spyware, adware, virus and other malicious software. When the level of system performance was so low, who will install now? No matter on Windows or on Mac, you also don’t need to worry because you can protect it by installing the software that is designed for this purpose. So, it will be your guaranteed that you have done the right step. Now, the thing that we are looking for is an output about your security since you don’t want that even one of your system files will be missed and you will open an eye to various security threats. It is very important to scan your computer system regularly. Start to complete a scan by clicking on the ‘Scan’ button. Click on ‘Backup Now’ to select a backup location and click on ‘Backup Files Now’ to select a backup file. The scan will begin by the application and will be completed at your specified backup time and location. PC Backup is a software for backup which is more oriented to businesses and offices. It has more than 50 comprehensive features and is a powerful solution for complete and reliable protection of sensitive files and data, without which you are not safe online. This safe backup service takes care of everything, because it checks which files and data are within the selected directories or documents on the desktop and can copy them to an external storage device. PC Backup is a very

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Some files are permanently deleted. For example, old addresses in your contact list. However, many other temporary files are recreated after a system restart. These files include: 1. Internet browser history 2. Software cache (programs or software updates) 3. Temporary Internet files 4. Windows Explorer window history 5. Short message history 6. Email messages 7. Unchecked mailbox size 8. Recently updated programs and software 9. Recent documents 10. Search history 11. Recent files 12. File rename history 13. Recent printer settings 14. Recent network settings 15. Recent computer settings 16. Windows registry 17. Web favourites 18. Recent playback history in media players 19. Recently closed window history 20. File change history 21. File properties history 22. Password history 23. Recent email settings 24. Audio history 25. Other message history 26. Local data 27. Templates 28. Quota 29. Todo list 30. Program settings 31. Network settings 32. Recent block list 33. Recent PPP settings 34. Recent telephone settings 35. Recently attached/unattached media files 36. Recent phonebook entries 37. System shortcut settings 38. Windows history 39. Favorites 40. Third-party browser settings 41. Recent screensavers 42. Recent shortcut or menu creation 43. Recent system information 44. Temporary printer cache 45. Recently opened documents 46. Recently opened files 47. Recently opened emails 48. System startup 49. Windows account 50. Windows 8 quick links 51. Recent content 52. Recent downloads 53. Recent media files 54. Recent photos 55. Recent documents 56. Recently opened emails 57. Recent passwords 58. Recent system information 59. Previous emails 60. Search history 61. Recent files 62. Recent history 63. Recent programs 64. Recent media files 65. Recent files 66. Recent programs 67. Recent files 68. System language 69. Recent files 70. Virtual memory 71. User content 72. Windows Explorer search history 73. Recycle Bin 74. Recent documents 75. Recent search engine settings 76. Recent font settings 77. Recent browser shortcuts 78. Previous installed programs 79. Recent playback history in media players 80. Recent media files 81


System Requirements:

X1 Games Minimum Specifications: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz / AMD Athlon II X4 620 2.66GHz Memory: 4GB RAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 12GB available space Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX or ATI Radeon HD 4870 or better Additional Notes: *OpenMP is recommended, but optional. You can set it to use the CPU only if you have a fast enough CPU.