UcxLog is a simple to use radio logging software that radio amateurs will be more than happy to make use of.







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UcxLog is a radio logging software that works with any frequency radio. It is
powerful, yet easy to use. It can work with a single radio, or with two radios
simultaneously. UcxLog stores all the information that your radio transmits, including
frequency, time and various data that your radio transmits. UcxLog can also graph this information on a map and send the data to various remote servers.
UcxLog Features:
UcxLog allows you to graph and compare data from multiple radios at the same time.
You can filter the data you see on the map by transmission frequency, time,
power, and more. The total number of filters is unlimited.
Multiple radios
UcxLog can work with multiple radios simultaneously. Set up a second
radio for monitoring, and watch your signal appear on the map on the other
radio. This will not affect the activity on the first radio.
UcxLog is simple to use and is not bound by any frequency ranges. With UcxLog you
can set up as many frequency ranges as you want. Change any setting simply by
clicking on it, and UcxLog will go and retest the frequency.
Data transfer
Graphically easy to read and understand. The graphics are simple enough for
anyone to use. But with a little practice you will be able to understand which
tags represent the various data.
Sends data to many servers
UcxLog can send the data to many remote servers. You can choose to have the
data sent to one server, two servers, or as many as you like. The data is sent
as an XML file to the server. The servers UcxLog supports is web based, and
the data is sent over the web. The list of servers is unlimited, and you are
free to choose any server you like.
Open Source
UcxLog is open source, it is free software. Anyone can use, share, modify,
and redistribute this software. Because of this UcxLog is always being
improved and made better.
Instructions to install:
After downloading the file, you can unpack it with the usual methods. Then, in
the extracted directory there should be a folder called ucxlog.
To install it, you should copy the contents of this folder into a

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UcxLog is a simple to use radio logging software that radio amateurs will be more than happy to make use of.

It is designed to provide a central point from which to capture, manage and recover all your radio calls, log data and metadata.

It supports the standard RSLOG terminology and can optionally receive ISLOG.

UcxLog supports power over Ethernet and can be controlled remotely with an x-terminal and is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Unique Features:
• Major features of UcxLog are fully configurable via the simple graphical user interface
• Uncomplicated and supported in all major programming languages and environments
• Manage and recover ALL your radio logging directly on the computer where it was collected.
• Can be used with an existing radio session or start recording new ones
• Supports high capacity by allocating multiple log files for backup and recovery
• Using optional interoperability with radio logging tools such as scb-log

Key Features:
• Fast-forward and rewind to the desired location
• Easy to use for both novices and experienced
• Great use for monitoring and controlling two-way radio transmitters
• Includes unlimited logging of high capacity bandwidth
• Flexible logging mechanism allows for various data capture formats
• Timestamping and filling of data is possible
• Automatic recovery of radio logging data even after the computer is rebooted
• Support for ISLOG tags such as S/W/E/U/P
• Support for RSLOG logging protocols such as ISLOG and Tag-Mate
• Support for tuning to the correct BFO channel

Supported Hardware:
UcxLog is designed to work with any type of hardware logging solution. It is easily customizable and adaptable to different hardware. A robust, open-source solution, it can be used in any situation, from run-of-the-mill PC based radios with a USB port to weather-proof full featured radios.

Sample Command-Line Usage:
UcxLog is designed to be user-friendly even for programmers with little experience in Linux systems. All commands are human friendly and those familiar with the Unix shell will be able to use UcxLog without having to know anything about Linux commands.

Command Line & Log file Configuration:
UcxLog can be configured to be extremely flexible and allow for an expanded configuration of the logging software. This

UcxLog (Updated 2022)

The UcxLog application (v1.0.3.0 ) is a simple yet powerful logging tool to help radio amateurs keep track of time, frequency, channels and other parameters.

The UcxLog program may also be used to (automatically) generate a professional PDF log with detailed information.

The most basic version of the UcxLog can be used as a logging program (without any other files), and just to keep notes of your frequencies and other actions in other to log with the program to PDF.

The UcxLog main window is very intuitive. Just open or create a new log file and start logging.

Open and close logs will be highlighted, just drag and drop log files to the main window. Very useful when you have several logfiles open at one time.

The log window has 7 menus and 8 buttons. The menus contains the logs menu (show/hide the log window), settings menu (choose a log file destination), the help menu (which shows some help information), the logs that will be logged menu (choose the log types you want to log), the logs to be logged menu (choose the log types and files to be logged) and the help menu again, which provides general information about the program. You can find out the list of log types and the list of log files under logs to be logged menu.

The buttons contains a refresh button (that will refresh the log file if it is changed), the file button (which will open a log file under the log file list), the to pdf button (which will log the selected log types to PDF format), the search button (which will show all the log files with the current search key, the the log list button, which will show all the log files with the current sort order (ex. the current log file will be at the top if log list button is clicked), the radio buttons (which will show the currently logged frequencies, frequencies that will be logged in the next action and the current frequency), the channels and frequency buttons (which will show the current log frequency in value as well as the log frequency in text), the ucx button (which will search for the ucx log file) and the log range button. This will allow you to filter the log file.

The UcxLog main window can be maximized. It is designed to be the best program to save radio logs, so you will have to optimize

What’s New in the?

UcxLog is a powerful, easy to use radio logging software. It features transparent logging, USB/SD logging, logging with a logbook, and more. UcxLog is freely available for all major OS and CPU architectures and is cross platform.

You can use UcxLog to log your rig onto your computer, so you can have your logbook in the same directory as your favorite software and so that you can easily transfer logs over USB or to SD cards! Logging via a datalogger (connected via serial port) has it’s advantages, but if you do not have a USB or serial port on your rig, then going straight to your computer is much easier.

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Radio Logs

Transparent Logs

Logs to a Logbook

Logs to a Video Stream

Logs to SD/USB

Live Demodulator Output

Demodulator, AM/FM Analyzer, Trace and more

Hands-off Logging


Cross Platform OS Support:


Windows (32/64 bit)

MacOS (32/64 bit)

Free Software

Frequency Smoothing (xLog and Windows version only)

FFT based demodulator (Windows version only)

Automatically sorts out potentially lost signals

Automatically puts it in a “lost signals” log (Windows version only)

Saves your configuration when you close the program

Saves your configuration on exit (config file and the command line arguments of the program)

Rugged and portable in a plastic case

USB/SD compatible

Windows installation and configuration wizard

Reports mean that your current frequency and rx power are compared to a database which helps you to recognize possibly lost signals


Radio Logs

Radio logs are a very interesting and useful feature of UcxLog. You can have a very detailed log of the radio signal which UcxLog generates. When you ask for a radio log, UcxLog will output a text file which describes how the signal was transmitted at a certain frequency. You can write your own scripts for building your log. Here are some examples of radio logs:

This “lost signals” log


System Requirements For UcxLog:

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