Since text is no longer enough when it comes to a chatting session, software applications have long started offering both video and audio capabilities as well, in order to provide you with everything you might need to enrich your conversation experience.
Connect with your friends over LAN
SSuite HyperCam Video Phone is an application that enables you to enjoy both video and audio streams when chatting with your friends, by using your webcam and microphone devices. Unlike most chat solutions, the utility is only able to connect you with people that share the same local network as you and not over the Internet.
Despite that, it can be used for both wired and wireless connections, which enables you to take advantage of notebooks and various other similar devices in order to chat with your friends. Moreover, since LANs tend to be rather small in terms of area coverage, it allows for much faster transfer speeds between the clients, which means that you get to send and receive high-quality video streams without worrying too much about bandwidth and lag.
Take snapshots using your webcam
Beside using it as a communication device, your webcam can also function as a quick snapshot grabber, in order to capture stills and save them to your computer in the form of images. In addition, you can modify the video settings and change the resolution, pixel depth and the compression method.
As far as the actual connection is concerned, all you need to do is enter your friend's IP address into the dedicated field and press the call button, which immediately connect your computers together. Moreover, you can also increase or decrease the microphone and output volume, as well as mute it altogether, in case you do not want to make use of it.
Hassle-free LAN communication software
Thanks to its very intuitive controls and easy-to-use interface, SSuite HyperCam Video Phone can be a handy application, especially if you are sharing the same local network with multiple colleagues or friends. Otherwise, the lack of Internet capabilities make it a rather obsolete utility, since very few people still happen to keep LANs.


Download >

Download >






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* Supports both wired and wireless connections * Set your local IP as a friend, and connect over LAN * Available to be used over IP * Provides quick and easy snapshot grabber capability * Supports both webcam and microphone connections * Set the type of image compression * Control the volume and mute the microphone * Adjust the quality of the video image * Display the message of the current connection when no activity detected * Server/Client through TCP/UDP * Read/Write of all the parameters via the “hot line” of the application * Program and a virtual robot received the code of 128* Colorful window

The Download button will be be displayed
When the download link has been clicked on the splash screen

The download folder that will be downloaded will be created

The file will be downloaded to the destination mentioned

Note: This link will be the file for downloading, which is an install file.

Note: This is a file to download, after your link was clicked on this splash screen, after installing it, find the folder created in the installation folder and paste the.exe file in the SSuite HyperCam Video Phone folder.

This is the download file which you can use to download

Note: This file is to download after you click on this link.

How to install this:

Download the file from the URL below.

After downloading click on the file which you have downloaded.

After clicking on the file, click on the [Accept] button.

After clicking on the [Accept] button you click on the [Install] button.

After clicking on the [Install] button a window called InstallShield 2012 will be displayed.

After installing the installation wizard will start automatically.

After installing the window will close automatically.

Note: This is the installation wizard of the program

Note: Click on OK to start the installation.

Click on the green circle button and select the location where you wish to install.

After you have accepted all the terms and conditions, click on the Install button.

The installation will start automatically.

After finishing the installation, the program will be started automatically.

This is your program now, open the program and start using it.

Screenshot of SSuite HyperCam Video Phone Installation:

Note: This is the screenshot of the SSuite HyperCam Video Phone Installation.

Note: You can see this window in the SSuite

SSuite HyperCam Video Phone Free Download PC/Windows

The application lets you chat with anybody on the same local network. It features a full-screen mode, similar to the webcam video conferencing systems that are able to send and receive video and voice data. The software supports Skype, MSN, Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger platforms.
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SSuite HyperCam Video Phone (LifeTime) Activation Code Free

Connect with your friends over LAN

Snapshots using your webcam

Enhance your experience with a variety of advanced features

Supports both wired and wireless connections

Take snapshots using your webcam
Enhance your experience with a variety of advanced features
Supports both wired and wireless connections
Take snapshots using your webcam
Modern day SSuite HyperCam Video Phone is an application that takes over the position of a regular telephone, and enables you to enjoy both video and audio conversations with your friends, by using your webcam and microphone devices. With the help of the application, you can communicate with friends or family members over the Internet, as well as via LANs, whereas the service is entirely free to use.
Show your personality with Auto-Face-Settings
No matter how you look, you will be able to enjoy audio and video chats with everyone you know, thanks to the Auto-Face-Settings feature of the software.

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What’s New in the SSuite HyperCam Video Phone?

Video and audio chat from any webcam on your local network, fully integrated into your LAN, and works with virtually any LAN device.Q:

How to call a Web Service from C#

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I put this on the Web.config file:

System Requirements For SSuite HyperCam Video Phone:

OS: Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8.1 (64 bit), Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K, 2.66 GHz, 3.40 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (1GB) or AMD HD 7970 (1GB) or greater
HDD: 15 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 11-compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
The game requires an Xbox Live Gold account to play.
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