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Feature Set


Metric Details

Azure Storage from Microsoft

Total number of blobs


Total storage capacity used

3,500,000 GB

Total storage cost for the month


Count of blobs stored in a single account


Sustaining API calls


Continuous API calls


Lifetime API calls


Daily API calls


API calls per KB of data processed


Rate Limit Consumption

Number of concurrent API calls, limits the number of concurrent requests and limits a single request to a maximum of 1 MB per second


API throttle throttle API usage based on the size of each request


“No APIs can be throttled to any account”

24 hours

Feedback from Customers

“I use Azure Storage to store a folder on my server. it works nice so I can login to my web page, go to my web folder, change some values, upload or download the data, then close the page”

“Have you ever accidentally deleted a file that had been uploaded to a blob? If you did, you can restore the file, or any files in that blob, using Azure Storage REST API’s [refer here]

I use to store all the resumes of my interns in my Azure Storage account. I created a VHD containing all the files and upload it to Azure Storage. Then, I asked Azure to notify me when a blob containing these resumes was created. Once notified, I used Azure Storage REST API’s to download the resumes back to my desktop. This is a very simple, yet effective way to migrate the resumes from the cloud to a desktop.”

Tracking task & resource usage within an Azure data center that doesn’t have a Windows Server product installed is not possible.

This is an important consideration for enterprise customers that require detailed reporting of resource and task usage across an Azure data center. While there are several tools on the market that track resource utilization, they either work on Windows Server or require a licensed hardware and software. Azure data centers do not have Windows Server installed.


At the time this documentation was published, Windows Server (2008,

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Easy to use interface

Full support for iOS, Android and Windows

Ability to upload, edit, download, and restore content to/from storage

Ability to open links to blobs from within storage

Ability to combine items and aggregate large amounts of content into a single blob

Ability to search through objects and blobs

Ability to quickly delete blobs


There are two authentications in place for accessing storage: Azure active directory or Microsoft account. A user must authenticate once in order to use the application.

Real-time Insertion of Web Content

Azure Storage Cracked 2022 Latest Version allows any operation to be performed on blobs without first having to download the blob content.

Azure Storage provides a streaming access to the Blobs

HTTP progressive download support

Fast Azure Blob access

Easy to work with blobs

Visual UI to work with blobs

Upload and download large amounts of content

Ability to store a lot of content

Highly durable in terms of IOPS

Lightweight and fast

SDK support

At the time of writing this article, Azure Storage supports a large number of programming languages and can be integrated with many tools and applications.

The Getting Started with Azure Storage article provides a nice documentation on how to build an application using Azure Storage. With this article, I will be focusing on Azure Storage as a Service and how this service benefits your business.

Service Benefits

Getting Started

Azure Storage is not free.

When you create a storage account within Azure, you have to pay for it. However, the storage itself is not big, the initial storage costs are minimal.

Once you’ve created the storage account, you can use this account for all services within Azure.

The account type

There are three types of storage accounts in Azure:


Blob Storage

Table Storage

I’m not going to go over the pros and cons of these storage account, you can read more about it here. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to focus on Blob Storage and Table Storage.

Blob Storage

Blob storage is a very good option for many developers and business who wish to store large volumes of content in the cloud.

It is highly durable and offers a lot of storage space. Its IOPS capabilities are very high, in order

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– Create, copy, move and delete blobs
– Upload and download blobs of various sizes
– View the blob content
– Manage blobs tags, access permissions, metadata, quotas, lease time, account default region, etc.
– View the blobs and their properties
– Select the blob to download as:
– ZIP file
– Read-only file
– Page

In this article, we will talk about Read-Only feature in Windows Azure storage. Read-only Azure storage is free of charge.

Earlier when I started implementing Azure Storage, I was confused with how can I create a read-only storage in Windows Azure

Do they mean folder in windows Azure storage account?

Can we get list of available storage accounts for the Windows Azure storage and store read-only, maybe this feature is not yet available

I am new to Windows Azure Storage, will this free service be sufficient for my needs

As a new customer, Microsoft provides 30 free hours of cloud storage and I believe these are enough?

Recently my company sent a complaint about their storage account, Azure rejected the storage account. They said their storage account is not read only. They said even if they change the storage account property or add data to this account, the data would be deleted.
This is not true, however I can see two blob on my storage account. I have attached two snapshots of storage account and the two blob I can see on my storage account.


This is not true, however I can see two blob on my storage account. I
have attached two snapshots of storage account and the two blob I can
see on my storage account.

You’re correct. The read-only storage accounts can contain blobs, for example.
Note that the operation that would delete your data will apply to all blobs in the account, so it doesn’t matter if it’s read-only or not. If you have multiple blobs in the account, having some of them marked as read-only won’t save you, because you’ll still be billed for usage on all of them. The read-only storage account is free of charge, but you can only store a total of 32MiB of data in the account, which might not be enough for your needs.

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What’s New in the Azure Storage?

Compute, store, access and sync all of your personal content at home or at work.
Store and access all your content in any of your favorite services and sync it across multiple devices.
Manage all of your content in one place and share it easily with others.
Explore new ways to think about content, storage and sync.
Use it anywhere, anytime.
The application includes the following features:
✔ Upload of Folders and files✔ Create Folders in storage✔ Edit content of the stored Folder✔ Use to upload with Azure Storage✔ Use and save account login✔ Use to create a connection to the Azure Storage✔ The capability to upload with ONE button only✔ Download complete folders with one button only✔ The capability to receive cloud backup of storage in folder✔ The capability to upload own scripts that you can run on files and folders✔ Manual creation of a storage account✔ The capability to save several account credentials, username and passwords

Azure Storage Requirements:
It is necessary to install SQL Server Management Studio
Azure Storage setup guide:

To follow the setup guide, it is necessary to have installed already SQL Server Management Studio 2015 with Authentication and Database Engine, SQL Server Management Studio 2014 with Authentication and Database Engine and the.NET Framework 4.5 or later.
Install SQL Server Management Studio
Download and install SQL Server Management Studio 2015 or later.
Login with Database Engine
When you login with SQL Server Management Studio, a window opens with the following:
Select Authentication / Select your Server / Click on the OK button.
Expand Navigator and expand Security.
The window opens with the following:
Select Provider to Active Directory
Select Provider to SQL Server
Select Microsoft SQL Server Authentication
At this point it is possible to configure your password, if needed.
Verify Server Information
After you have entered or changed the information, press OK and choose the Yes button.
Installation is finished.
Create a New Azure Storage Account
In order to use Azure Storage and be able to view and edit your content, you need to create a new Azure Storage account. For this, it is necessary to create a new managed service account within Azure.
Be sure to connect with the connection to the

System Requirements For Azure Storage:

-Please follow the description to know the difference between the different versions!
v1.0.0 (This is the very first version! I have never worked on any MMO before. I am very excited and hope you like the game.)
Starts Open Beta Access (in a few days)