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They had one of the most memorable performances at the 2016 Superbowl. Even though they didn’t make it to the big game, they still had some unforgettable moments. Although the chat has been removed, the New England Patriots were still able to capture their second Lombardi trophy for the win. Logan Paul – The kid that uploaded the video said that he wanted to get the head of the dead body because he wanted to take the body, put it on a stretcher and drive around and show it off. He got the head and he got fired. 4:34:26 Live Streaming Our PPV From San Antonio TX Live Streaming Our PPV From San Antonio TX Live Streaming Our PPV From San Antonio TX This is a livestream of our Pay Per View event coming up on Friday, January 14th. We are at the GunsmokeWesternEventCenter in San Antonio, TX. There is not much to do in San Antonio for New Years so we thought it would make a nice break to come up here for a few days and hang out, skydive and watch some boxing. So check out the GunsmokeComplex live stream and have a seat and hang out, maybe skydive for the first time and watch some good fights. There are no boxing events available on AXS but we still have some interesting other events. Michael Chandler will be fighting Cheick Kongo in a junior middleweight fight. There is some action from Bellator as Wayne Rooney will be taking on Ryan Bader in a light heavyweight fight. In bantamweight action, Danny Roman will be taking on Ian Hancock. There are some other good matches as well this Friday but check your local listings for times and TV. published: 09 Dec 2014 LIVE on ATS By Joel Collins LIVE on ATS By Joel Collins JOELSONSA is a brand new channel and we are looking to do some stuff, get involved and join in. WE IS LIVE ON ATS published: 09 May 2015 Real Live Streaming: The Youtubers Who Will Make You Oh So Content Since many of us use YouTube as a source for news, entertainment and, most importantly, breaking viral content, it’s more important than ever to hone our live streaming skills. We spoke to the biggest names in YouTube to try and find out how they’re mastering the art of live streaming – and we’re gonna let them do the talking

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Block Live Chat The best way to keep your Live Chat clean is to block it when you don’t need it. YtcFilter allows you to setup the Chat filter in your private browser and see everything that the community says on the live chat. It works as an Add-on to all your web browsers, but it is strongly recommended to use it as the primary way of viewing the Live Chat. Chat filtering goes hand in hand with the ability to quickly archive the last 10 minutes of the chat on the website’s video page. This can be useful in the event that you lose the link. It is also the best way to archive the chat if you are offline. Add a keyword to your chat filter and filter it just for one user, a chat for someone you don’t like, a keyword from a stream you would rather skip or a brand that you want to avoid. You can also have a full-on chat filter for some much needed peace of mind. Daily Chat Filtering – Filter chats by keywords, users and users’ keywords, videos, videos’ keywords, comments and comments by keywords. Filter by Any Chat or by Game category. Built-in Stats – Views count, average peak time, total time, total time on watch and video views. Multilanguage Support – Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Russian and Spanish supported. Screenshot Filtering – screenshots take up lots of space so you want to make sure they are only a part of the chat. Screen Share Support – You will be able to send your chat screen directly to the chat site on desktop. Downloads – Built-in full archive available for viewing, archiving the last 7 days or all time. The chat filtering is optional and there are no ads. You can always choose to view the chat page directly. (Preferred Way) You can always go back to the Filtered Chat List and sort by keywords and chat time. You can always switch back to the Unfiltered Chat list if you want. Pricing: YtcFilter is Free! 02dac1b922


• Filters out the live chat for comments that do not interest you • Prompts you to Save/Share/Manage the captured chat • Manages the chat for both live streams and videos • Supports customised presets and screenshots (screen captures) • Available on the Chrome Web Store Full Review

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For all those who are not aware of YouTube’s new live chat feature, what is Live Chat and how it works? The whole purpose of the live chat feature is to enable users to chat with the streamer while watching their live video. Besides the fact that you can ask questions and help each other to better understand the stream, it also allows users to give tips and tricks to the streamer as well as liking or disliking particular streamers. It is also possible to create a buddy list where you can watch live videos of streams that you are interested in. This feature is very useful for those who like to follow several videos simultaneously. Hence, you can create a list of live video streams and quickly switch between them at any moment. Since live chats are only available for YouTube creators and their fans, users are assigned their individual live chat IDs. These IDs are similar to the username. You should note that you will not be able to see the chat when your friends are in a live chat session. For now, you can enable live chats only for videos that have less than 300 live viewers. When a video becomes popular, you will be able to enable live chat for it as well. Now, if you want to know if your YouTube friends or family are live chatting with a streamer or a group of streamers, then you can easily find out via the video thumbnail of the live chat. However, the only thing you will be able to see is “live chat” or “live video”. Although live events on YouTube are certainly exciting, many users have constantly complained about the speed of the live chat. Sure, you can enable slow mode and hence, add a time limit between comments of a single user. Then again, slow mode will not work when you have thousands of viewers checking out your live stream and the chat can quickly become a nightmare for viewers. YtcFilter for Chrome is an extension that can help you as a user filter out the live chat for comments that actually

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YtcFilter for Chrome is an extension that enables you to filter out the live chat for comments and users. It also allows you to take screenshots and sort the chat. All in all, this extension is a great tool for those who may not feel comfortable with their favorite live streamer. Requirements: To use this extension, you will need to be running Chrome 16 or later and also Chrome Canary. System Requirements: Windows Mac Linux Chromium OS Safari Searches on and return no results at this time. In December 2012, Twitch announced that it would allow its users to live stream on Yotube, Twitch’s TwitchTube page, and Youtube. Shortly after, in February 2013, GameSpot reported that game developers could go live on both sites. The three sites are set to merge in January 2014. However, Yotube’s founder, Daniel “Keve” Mee, is quoted as saying, “We’re just going to try and find new ways to connect and collaborate on them, and we’re not trying to compete with Twitch at all,” On January 15, 2014, it was announced that Twitch and Youtube would merge. Hence, due to the merging process, the only one that can be chosen for live streaming on all sites is Youtube. Here’s a list of sites that can live stream on Youtube: Skype For Business (Recently Updated) Today, Skype announced a major update to the Skype for Business and Teams 2015 (Skype Now For Business) version. This update makes the Skype for Business and Teams 2015 version even more robust and powerful when it comes to the Teams Chatting feature. This update lets you share your Teams Chatting conversations with the Skype for Business users using the previous version, which means you can now access your Teams Chatting conversations even if you don’t have Skype for Business installed. To give you a recap of the major highlights of the Skype for Business update, the following points are covered: Only New Skype for Business Versions: As discussed in my previous article about the updates to Skype for Business, the new versions have been introduced for only Skype for Business Online, Skype for Business Server, Skype for Business Client for Windows Phone, Skype for Business on Mac, and Skype for Business on iOS. Chatting Feature: One of the exciting features with this update is the teams chat, which is the third major feature in

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Some of the required plugins are not available in the GA version. The official website has these extra plugins and you can download it from here: Flexible, Configurable Allows you to choose your top 4 heroes and easily switch between them in a few seconds. Let’s you disable all of the abilities of a champion to fast lane him. Let’s you disable all