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NkTimeTracker is a powerful time tracker application that supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista or newer with.NET framework. It has a simple interface and easy to use and it can work in silent mode. It has a nice set of useful features.

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Happy time tracker is a free task and activity tracker for Windows. It helps you to track time management and help you to improve your work. This application is designed by Mazzio company. It contains different kinds of time management options.

Happy time tracker overview:

You can add the activities that you want to track, such as:
– computer time
– timer
– document time
– calendar time
– todo
– networking time
– audio player time
– social media time
– cell phone time
– web surfing time
– email time
– typing time
– and many more!

There are many ways to schedule, and in fact, you can also easily add custom rules. These rules are known as the Time Schedule. These rules are set up by entering the rule details into the application manually.

You can also track all the activity of your computer. How? In order to track the computer, you need to open the monitor. It tracks the computer activity and show the details at the bottom of the display. And it also tracks the system processes and then show the details on the desktop display.

Additional features include:
– Automatic time synchronization with Google Calendar
– Email alerts on computer activity
– Time Schedules to help you manage your time better
– Support for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, and other Windows platforms

What’s New:
* New Time Schedules feature for setting the time
* Improved alert features for showing the time activity
* Added a couple of new themes
* Added some minor improvements

Theming Time Tracker is a time tracker for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. The application allows you to track your working hours using the mouse. The application has a colored desktop timer and displays the working time. What’s more, the application allows you to schedule the time when you have a break.
What Time Tracker does
As you work, you use the mouse to click on the clock. When you are planning to take a break, you click on the clock to schedule the time for the break.

NkTimeTracker Crack [2022]

NkTimeTracker is a powerful desktop application that will count your daily activities, shows you the time and breaks. NkTimeTracker is an accurate timer application that can provide the details of the user such as date, time, and activities to be shown in a graphic form.
NkTimeTracker allows you to easily access to your computer time, which contains the details of activities including the date, time, and category of the activity. NkTimeTracker has a powerful function that will help you track the time and productivity based on the programs running on your computer. This feature helps in letting you know the breakdown of your productivity.

The NkTimeTracker uses a customizable countdown interface, which provides you with a better reminder that will help you to track your time and productivity. It allows you to set programs which have to be run at a particular time and date. You can also create a custom countdown interface for your computers if you wish to have a more personalized layout.
You can change a small part of the interface such as a new countdown template, new color, and style of countdown buttons.
You can also use a countdown feature that will be available once you start using the application. The NkTimeTracker will allow you to set up specific time and date. This particular feature will allow you to set up an alarm based on the countdown timer. You can use this alarm for a reminder time, which you can use in your everyday life.
After the countdown timer, there is a control for a reminder alarm. You can use this reminder feature in your daily life. If you are working on a project, then you can use the reminder alarm to notify you about the deadline. With the NkTimeTracker, you can use this reminder feature in your everyday life.
You can also set up your own display name so that you will only need to sign into the system. It will provide you with a personalized interface.
Other features include the time, date, the categories of the activities, and a customizable countdown timer. You can set up a countdown timer based on the date or time. This feature allows you to give a reminder of a specific time and date to be done with a particular activity. You can start or stop the countdown timer based on your schedule.

⦁ Tutorials
⦁ Settings
⦁ Home Screen
⦁ Advanced
⦁ Activity by programs:
⦁ Add a program:
⦁ Remove a

NkTimeTracker With Product Key Download


3.02 MB

Nk is a powerful resource manager.

It will show for you the best of every one of the applications you have used. – Image by MRV from Fotolia.com


With NkTimeTracker, you can make an advanced comparison and make your choice with just one glance.


In the times when you are busy you don’t have time to measure yourself, don’t think you can’t afford it, but don’t forget where you could improve.

At the same time NkTimeTracker could help you decide how much time you spend on average on different activities, see how much time you waste for different locations.






NkTimeTracker is a powerful resource manager that helps you make advanced comparison and make your choice with just one glance, It allows you to manage and organize your time effectively and efficiently, and provides a full information about how you spend your time.

Key features:





Estimate your time on activities.

See your time, use in various locations, and compare them.

Quickly find the best quality/price deals.

Access to variety of applications.

Compare your apps, people, files, and folders and see everything in a glance.

Simple to use.

NkTimeTracker Description:


3.02 MB

Nk is a powerful resource manager.

It will show for you the best of every one of the applications you have used.


1- month trial version available.

NkTimeTracker has been designed to be extremely flexible, it allows you to have a full overview of the application you work with.

It will display the desktop, and a few additional information, that tells you which apps/programs are running, what are the apps/programs that you have used the most.

The list displays all information in just one glance – it allows you to see the application, the name, the working time, an image from various versions of the program etc.


NkTimeTracker 4.6 “A revolutionary product which monitors your time and will tell you why you’re wasting it”

NkTimeTracker 4.6

What’s New in the?

NkTimeTracker is a system utility for real-time monitoring of mouse and keyboard activity while working on a computer or mobile device. It helps users track time and focus on their tasks, increasing productivity and reducing stress and distractions. This application has a number of easy-to-use features including the ability to record detailed information about activity and to set forced breaks. These choices are entirely customizable, allowing users to adjust settings according to their personal preferences. NkTimeTracker can be used effectively to monitor mouse and keyboard activity, as well as recording mouse and keyboard activity. Users can also customize the settings of the app as they see fit, setting different interrupt times, break points, and font sizes. NkTimeTracker gives users more time to focus on what they are working on. Additionally, it can also be used effectively as a stopwatch. Users can stop and start the stopwatch from anywhere and track real-time elapsed times with various optional durations. Users can easily compare and analyze collected time information using the advanced reports window. NkTimeTracker is fully customizable and does not require registration or any other form of downloading or installation. NkTimeTracker is a freeware utility available to download from the developer’s website for free.
The application offers an abundance of useful features which can drastically improve overall efficiency. Therefore, it’s only fitting that this work assistant app is a great choice if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

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Windows XP/Vista
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