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More than 150 dogs were killed in U.S. military laboratories or in shelters after they were deemed too dangerous to live. For more than 20 years, the federal government had taken the majority of the dogs from their pet-loving owners.

Zieglman started GrowingPups.org to help current and future pet owners know what happens to the pets when the military can’t care for them. Now she works as an instructor on a contractor-run pet adoption program at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

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How does Banach-Tarski partition sets into 4 parts

I would like to understand better the workings of the Banach-Tarski result: Given a collection of $n$ sets, there is a partition of the elements into $2^{n-1}$ sets that each contain only one element. I would be grateful for pointers to references.


First of all, the elements of the set don’t have to be in general position, and they don’t have to be discrete. But a counterexample to your question is the following, that’s not possible: let $n \ge 3$.
Consider a set $S = \{a_1, a_2, \dots, a_n\}$, with each $a_i$ being replaced by its two-fold cartesian product with itself, say,
a_i \to (a_i, a_i) =: a’_i
and call the new set $S’$. Let $n$ elements $x_1, x_2, \dots, x_n \in S’$ be chosen independently at random. (There is a way to do this if you don’t require $S$ to be finite or