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Our Thanks to: Bob Hardison (photographer)Seasonal change and sexual maturation in the reproductive structure of Proserpinusnycteris (Fringillidae).
The importance of photoperiodicity in determining seasonal changes in reproductive hormones and gonadal size is demonstrated in Proserpinusnycteris, the Iberian Nightingale. The structure of the reproductive tract of both sexes, in January, shows the beginning of the incubation period of the eggs. Females reach sexual maturity in February and males in March. In April, the first eggs are laid. The first follicles appear in May, and they show a clear relation between follicle maturation and the appearance of eggs. Ovarian follicles reach their maximum volume in July and decrease in size progressively throughout the autumn. Although the delay in maturation of the reproductive organs is clear in females, there is no distinct difference between seasons in the sexual maturation of males. Males of the same age and with a similar number of eggs in their oviducts show significant differences in the size of their testes and of the accessory glands./*
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DownloadPdf Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos
Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos
Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos
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Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos pdf






Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos pdf

Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos pdf

Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos pdf

Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos pdf

Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos pdf

Etimologias Grecolatinas Agustin Mateos pdf

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Dietary protein restriction during gestation alters differentiation of retinal ganglion cells and optic nerve axons.
Maternal protein restriction (PR) during gestation results in a long-term reduction in size of the optic nerve and an increase in the thickness of the optic nerve head (ONH) and scleral subjacent to the ONH. Microglial activation and apoptosis of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) has been postulated as a contributing factor to the increased ONH and RGC pathology seen in the PR offspring. It has not been determined whether these neural processes are initially triggered by the protein restriction or occur as a result of pathology secondary to the decrease in body size and weight. Adult Sprague-Dawley rats were placed on either the normal protein (NP; 20%) or PR (8%) diet through gestation and lactation. The NP offspring were then reintroduced to the NP diet postnatally. The RGCs in the superior colliculus (SC) and optic nerve were quantified by immunocytochemistry of Brn-3a and RNAPII, respectively. The diameters of ONH myelin sheath axons were quantified from scanning electron microscopy images. The thickening of ONH and s