The inclusion of HyperMotion Technology in FIFA 22 boosts player awareness in meaningful ways, giving you the ability to see passing options and movement in 1v1 situations, as well as use it to move players around the field in your favor.

“We designed this from the ground up to push players and create more challenges in 1v1 matches,” said Robb Glimcher, Executive Producer at EA SPORTS. “With this feature, players will see passing options and movement in 1v1 situations, and will have more options to use their teammates, even if they aren’t in an open space.”

We’re excited to share the team’s hard work on this feature, as it’s a new way of playing the sport that will allow the millions of FIFA players to experience the sport in a new way – one that’s closer to the game they know and love.

In this interview, we speak with FIFA 22 Executive Producer Robb Glimcher and FIFA Ambassador and Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame LB Jack Lambert about the evolution of the EASI Sports engine, the importance of authentic data to gameplay, and how it will make the game more competitive and engaging for millions of players.

“It’s not your data, it’s OUR data. It’s all the data that have been collected from the 22 real-life players. We work with 22 individuals who wear a motion capture suit on their back, so they’re really working hard to collect this data,” Glimcher said. “Then we combine that with all the data that we collect from the players themselves, to make sure it’s all authentic and it’s based on real-life movement.”

That’s a tall order, especially considering we’re talking about data collection from players who are trying to smash through three other athletes. But it’s crucial to the player’s experience in the game, and it serves to push the boundaries of the core gameplay as well.

“It’s a series of optimizations that make it more efficient and more realistic when you’re moving,” said Glimcher. “You’re trying to move while you’re playing a match and we’ve put those pieces together to make sure that the gameplay is fast and fluid, while it�


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • POWERFUL NEW AI TEAMMATES – Have more control over your progress than ever before using an AI Director, including maintaining balance in your team, making opponents wear down, and calling the right team strategy.

    Multiplayer – A new online multiplayer mode includes 11 new local split-screen and online play modes, including the brand-new FIFA Ultimate Team Mode.
    Experience the intensity of a real-world stadium with both goal-line technology and a new PK system.

    New online leagues incorporate more players, parks and modes than ever before with an increasing number of new ways to play.

  • Create your own squad with thousands of Real Player Motion Captures – Compete with your friends as they come alive on the field in any of the game modes. Create your own team to lead through the ranks as you go head-to-head in the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

    Refine tactics and customize your gameplay with the all-new DNA, Kick Speed and Improved Player Intelligence System – Players learn more quickly, adapt to the situation and play more intelligently using a new Real Player Motion Capture Master of Matchday technology.

    For the first time ever, take charge of your Manager career thanks to a new AI Director that dynamically analyzes your progress and makes strategic decisions on the pitch to keep you on the right path.

    Widescreen support for 1080p, including a new wide toolbar and larger UI – Complete your FIFA experience on widescreen.

    PES 2018 gives you the most realistic experience of football on console, simulating 100% of the ball, match and player animations’ detail while giving you more control over your characters with new sub-vocal for each player, support for over 60 player kits and your team in a whole host of ways. PES 2018 is a game built to last with new match engine, 75 playable leagues and more.

    Key features:

    OVER 35 THOUSAND PLAYERS! – Play as one of the most famous players in the world, by achieving world-record stats, appearances and formations with one of over 35 thousand players in over 75 leagues including the new Youmagine Cup!

    —IN-GAME CERTIFICATIONS: Experience refereeing, live commentary and improved commentary overall.

    —THE WORLD’S LARGEST WORLD MATCH: Lead and create all-new local and online matches and tournaments in the all new Team Battle


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    A football simulation that brings the game experience to life.

    What does FIFA mean?

    FIFA is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

    What does Sports Champions mean?

    Sports Champions is the official videogame of the UEFA Champions League. It brings the action from the most prestigious club competition in the world to the real world.

    What does FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mean?

    FIFA Ultimate Team is an innovative way to play with real players and teams. It features The Journey, where players can form a squad from over 40 real world players.

    What is The Journey?

    The Journey brings players into the world of the club through unique stories that include real players, historic moments and other content set in the surroundings of the real world club.

    Who are FIFA Rewards?

    FIFA Rewards is a loyalty programme by Electronic Arts that rewards players with virtual gifts.

    What is Snap Shots?

    Snap Shots is a new way to control the ball in offline mode, allowing players to take a free-kick with controlled touches or to hit the ball using the B or A buttons.

    What is Knock-On?

    Knock-On is a new way to control the ball in online matches. You can knock-on the ball by pressing B or A to receive the ball and then dribble or pass in a FIFA game for the first time.

    What are Playlist Moments?

    Playlist Moments is a new way to share your favourite FIFA Moments, with the ability to add your favourite players, create your own players and insert unique custom player photos.

    What is App Goals?

    App Goals is a new way to quickly record goals in offline mode. You can take a photo, record a first touch and choose when to save the goal using the B button.

    What is Football Fever?

    Football Fever is a new way to customise your squad in the FUT game experience. Create your own customisable player kits, switch kits for your team and join clubs to join them in real time.

    What is Goal Scout?

    Goal Scout is a new way to target a shot in offline mode. The left stick is used to aim the ball, then the right stick is used to control where the ball will go. You can also use advanced controls by double


    Fifa 22 Incl Product Key For PC (April-2022)

    Create your dream FUT squad from the latest stars and the greatest legends from across the history of the sport. With over 3,000 players to select from, create your dream team of the superstars of the 21st century.

    Making History – Choose the club you want to be part of, and create a long-term vision for your team. Plan a stadium revolution, change your kits and colours, and engage fans all around the world.

    World Tours – New ways to experience and share your FIFA journey. Tour your favourite tournaments, clubs, countries and leagues as you compete in the toughest soccer competitions, including the FIFA World Cup™ and the UEFA Champions League™.


    – New 360-degree camera angle

    – 10 stadiums to choose from in gameplay and virtual stadium tours

    – New intuitive interior editing tools

    – Ability to edit stadium templates directly in the game

    – 5 different stadium interiors

    – Over 60 new wall and roof designs

    – Performance-enhancing sponsors

    – Unlock new stadium zones through gameplay

    – And of course, the best stadiums in the world are now a part of FIFA Ultimate Team


    This FIFA 22 Beta is exclusively for FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team owners on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Multiplayer testing does not include any Live Services and is very limited in terms of features. Multiplayer is only available to Gold subscribers. PlayStation Plus membership is required to play multiplayer online.

    *All FIFA titles are sold by Electronic Arts.


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    What’s new in Fifa 22: