During development, the new HyperMotion Technology has been applied to a wide range of gameplay features, including player movement, ball control, ball physics, dribbling, sprinting, acceleration, and tackling.

FIFA 22 will support up to 24 players in online play – a step-up from the previous FIFA 19 maximum of 16.

FIFA 22 will also support up to 32 players in offline matchmaking.

FIFA 22 will feature two new player types – “Deployers” and “Press Managers”.

“Deployers” can be tactical specialists with the ability to control the game strategically on the pitch. Deployers include the Ball Carrier, Main Objective Player (M.O.P.) and Attacker, while Press Managers tend to focus on overall game play experience.

FIFA 22 also includes many of the most requested game features. Highlights include the introduction of the much-anticipated “Defending AI (A.I.)”, new modes including the “Supporter’s Interests” mode, and much more.

Read on for the full, comprehensive list of features and enhancements.

Matchday Experience

Online Gaming

Action FIFA Live Community Expansion

Improved Player Movement

Improved Ball Physics

New Ball Flow and Rebounding

Pitch-Wide Player Animation

Overlays to Show Player Movement

Dribbling Physics

New Battle Of The Break Results

Sprinting Physics

Faster Acceleration

Wider Player Leg Speed

User-Defined Play Styles

User-Defined Match Types

Game-Specific Take on Tactics

Game Changing Moments

Live Staging

New Player Character Types

New Player Actions and Tactical Intelligence


New Teams and Players

FIFA Ultimate Team

New Stadiums

Stat Appearances

New Create-a-Player (CAP) Wizardry

Offline Play

Online Gameplay

Story Mode

New FIFA Points

Schedule Mode

Improved AI


Human AI (H.AI)

System Level Artificial Intelligence (S.L.A.I.T.)

Allied Attacks


Press Managers


Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager or a player. Create and manage the newest club in FIFA and build the players you’ll need to conquer any competition. Design your team kits and your stadium so that supporters in your corner of the globe can support your team passionately.
  • Defend your club in cups, tournaments and on a global scale. There are more ways than ever to challenge for glory. Compete online with the world’s best players in FIFA Ultimate Team, challenge opponents to online knockout competitions, or enter into existing leagues with top clubs.
  • Guaranteed authenticity with Player Intelligence. See AI-driven player tactics and ball access like never before, with smarter decisions on where to position your players, where to send them, and how to play.
  • Experience authentic football live, recreated with visually-pleasing next-gen animations. The new Playmaker intelligence gives players new capabilities to link with, create, and receive the ball in the system.
  • Test your skills against the best rivalries in the world. FIFA 22 challenges you to win your way to the Ballon d’Or, taking the best players from the biggest rivals, as you battle teams all across the world. And if you’re the best in the world, the Ballon d’Or trophy is at your feet!
  • The new licensed stadiums, TVKITS, and kits in FIFA 22 are authentic, iconic football icons of the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Online Multiplayer with up to 32 players includes new commentary from Jimmy Smith and the return of Brazilian commentators from the recent release of FIFA on Nintendo Switch.


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FIFA is one of the most popular sports video games in the world. On the pitch, you can play as your favorite teams and players in the most realistic simulation of the beautiful game. FIFA’s soccer universe is vast, and fans can play against players from around the world in one of the most diverse leagues in the world.

How do I play FIFA?

In FIFA, you’re in control of your very own avatar in the official competitions of the world’s most popular sport. Players can take to the pitch to compete, score goals, and make plays in the most authentic game of football. As you play and climb through the tiers of your club’s organization, you can control your club’s destiny, like never before.

What modes are included in FIFA 22?

FIFA Ultimate Team is back to give you the tools to build a powerful squad, and Dynasty mode puts you in the seat of your favorite club. Experience a completely new Live the Moments mode, a story-driven mode that puts you right into the action. FIFA fans will relish the brand-new Park and Game Day modes, providing football fans the opportunity to play footy anywhere. New for FIFA 22 is Return of the Last Man Standing mode, which means you can play the underdog of the underdog.

Is this the best FIFA yet?

This year’s FIFA is bursting with new features that keep you immersed in the game and challenged at every turn. Feel the adrenaline of being your favorite club’s captain in the new Dynamic Timing feature, or clutch the ball tightly in the sand to create space for your teammates in the game’s new and improved Sand Volley mode. You can also earn achievements based on your performance in Live the Moments, and select from thousands of licensed player faces.

Platform: PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, Windows PC.

Source: Electronic Arts

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In FIFA 22, the game’s first Ultimate Team experience, connect your online FIFA Ultimate Team account with your connected FIFA Ultimate Team account, or create a new one at any time. Build and manage your collection in a series of tight and intelligent competitions, or simply play your favorite team against friends with online or offline friendly matches. FIFA 22 lets you build your own dream team, compete with friends in solo or in a squad, and of course compete in popular and new ways in the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team Championship.

“With FIFA 22, we wanted to provide an experience that no other FIFA game has,” said EA SPORTS Executive Creative Director, David Rutter. “EA SPORTS FIFA pioneered a unique and fun gameplay style around the goal. FIFA 22 builds upon that with cutting edge digital technology, delivering a truly next-generation soccer experience.”

FIFA 22 Is Back As The All-New Path To The Pro’s JourneyWith New Player Progression System, And More…5 Key Games And Features FIFA 22’s brand-new Player Progression System (PS) is at the core of the game, allowing players to customize their characters’ abilities over time. This means that players will no longer be able to shortcut to the next level by simply leveling up skills. They’ll earn experience by going out and playing matches against real opponents, building a reputation and a fan base for themselves on the pitch. Players will be able to choose from an expanded lineup of starting traits, which include strength, speed and skill. Players also have access to dozens of new abilities to apply to their character. For example, players can apply a “running down” ability, which affects their ability to chase down the ball and/or receive the ball while running, as well as apply their own individual style of play. There are over 500 new animations for players, including “bend-and-breathe” plays and “knee bends,” which allow players to break out of tackles, and to move like their fellow professionals.

An Evolution Of The RestartsAre You Ready To Rush Into The Dribble?Intelligent Restarts Have Been Improved With New AI Technology. Game Intelligence Leads Players Into The Right Direction For Each Route. Players Can Lead The AI Player Into A Legitimate Exit Route; Or a Likely Route, Like The Case Of The Slow Defense.The Game Will Routinely Warn Players If They Aren


What’s new:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team is getting a revamp that includes a new and exciting way to play.
  • Online Pass – you get four additional FIFA Points earned immediately upon purchase
  • Quick Delegate – you can assign players’ actions from the last two games to give them some practice before your next match
  • Goalkeeper Guide – keep the best and worst keepers in your goal line by showcasing either the incredible saves, or how easily they could have scored
  • Defender Guide – show your opponents what the best headers, accurate long range shots and powerful shot accuracy mean for the back line
  • Soccer Settings


  • HyperMotion Technology – Uses data collected from real professional football players to build Real Player Motion Techology (RPMT) for FIFA The pace, intensity and variety of real moves on the pitch come to life in today’s game’s most authentic crowd.
  • Brand New Features – The same gameplay you know and love from FIFA because we want to the features that make real football fun to come to life in the game.
  • Create the New Club of your dreams
  • Create and Design your Kits
  • Create and Design your Stadium
  • Test your skills as a player, with Player Career Mode. Choose between Football and Hockey
  • Career Mode – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22.
  • Scoring and Goalkeeping – bringing fans closer to the action and adjust how the players express themselves
  • Save and restore game – shortcuts and enhancements to help you play more smoothly. Updated and customizable controls let you do things a little differently
  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • More ways to progress, compete, and reward yourself in Pro’s Journey. Play the game how you want it. Or, choose to get involved in public Scoring Challenges where you compete to show off your moves. They rank up, give you Score Boosts, and unlock new items.


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FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise. Over its 25 year history, FIFA has sold over 400 million videogame copies and is the #1 best-selling sports game of all time, both in the UK and the US. FIFA’s success is based on its ability to deliver an authentic experience of the beautiful game, with incredible controls, licensed teams and players, and dynamic gameplay.

What does “Powered by Football™” mean?

“Powered by Football™” is an action-packed blend of explosive excitement, dynamic gameplay and improved control that ensures football fans have the authentic footballing experience they’ve been looking for.

Who is the target audience?

Fans of football who are familiar with the global game, the characters, the music and the way football is played around the world.

What is different in FIFA 22?

Just a few of the game-changing innovations in FIFA 22:

•A brand-new match engine that includes a new coaching interface, delivers on-pitch gameplay innovation and ensures that fan passions can be fully invested in the match.

•Exclusive video content and the opportunity to earn FIFA Moments.

•FIFA Ultimate Team enhancements, including the all-new Coin system, customisation options, Leaderboard rewards, new players and Ultimate Squad Goals.

•A brand new season of innovation across all modes that brings the game even closer to the real thing.


Sophisticated coaching elements that combine cutting-edge AI technology with footballing DNA combine to create new ways to play and new ways to coach the game.

The result is the biggest changes to the modern soccer game yet – the most authentic single player experience ever.

•Driving the game forward: New animation and controls that make passing, dribbling, shooting and tackling feel more responsive, powerful and fun.

•Beautiful game engine with greater variety of ball physics and unprecedented player responsiveness that puts the ball into the right place for a tackle, a pass or a shot.

•AI that’s been completely reworked to react smarter and play with greater intensity and unpredictability.

•Players are now controlled more naturally by using more cues on the ball, whether it’s your passing, shooting or heading.

•New dribbling mechanic allows you to effortlessly evade contact from both defenders and opponents.


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Hard Drive:
Sound Card:
Additional Notes:
Install Notes:
1. Install the game.
2. Register the game with XMB for use with USB.
3. Install USB Loader GX.
4. Load usbloader.bin to USB and install
5. Start the game.




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