“There is a very real sense of urgency that you’ll experience in FIFA 22,” said Andrew ‘Zuniga’ Dawson, Senior Executive Producer at EA Sports. “As a player, if you are passing the ball you’ll notice the opponents are closing in fast – but there will also be four defenders on you – making it all the more difficult.” A new offense and defense AI system have been brought to the forefront, with more cunning variations in real-world player positioning, the use of advanced ball handling and controlling skills to bring unpredictability to match flow. “We want to get players in the correct positions to play off each other, so during quick and direct exchanges both teams are aware when they’re going to receive,” Zuniga added. Players are completely overhauled: tactics, personality, and skills are the key to unlocking the potential of real-life stars like Lionel Messi, James Rodríguez, Paul Pogba, Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney and others. New opportunities to subdue an opponent add a fluid gameplay experience. For the first time ever, it is possible to play FIFA in 3D, while FIFA Ultimate Team introduces items and player kits for players such as Paul Pogba, Neymar Jr., and others, with more on the way. Pressing ESC for the third time leads to a short skydive while Teammate X becomes available. Pressing the trigger will automatically start an instant-action throw in the same direction. By pressing the trigger again, the throw is aimed to be significantly more accurate. Available to Xbox gamers is a new Player Condition Monitor: A unique system that will give a player-specific view of the physical and mental impact of gameplay, and help his teammates improve his performance in real time. With player-specific data, tactics and behavior settings, and insight into physical and mental states, it will allow the player to be aware of when and how he needs to rest and recover between matches. Player positioning is crucial in the new offense system for just about every player in the game, including the new Personality System — a more physical and aggressive version of the Passing System used in the previous FIFA titles — that gets characters on the ball faster. This will turn into a more tactical game, with fewer counter-attacks. During a battle of wills between two experienced players, and


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • The Best FIFA
  • Enhanced Teamwork and Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode


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Become a football super star in Ultimate Team, with the ability to play with any player in the world in any game mode, being the ultimate Football Manager with no boundaries. GAMING MODE Inspired by real player positions and formations, FIFA 22 features controls for skilled players on all platforms. FIFA Player Analysis – Unique player analysis provides you with the insights you need to build or improve your team. COACHING New to FIFA 22 is coaching mode for coaches, allowing you to take control of your team’s team development. FIFA ’22 The Journey of a Pro – This will feature an all-new, immersive story mode, The Journey of a Pro that will take you through the careers of four of your Pro players, as you care for them and shape their future. Together, you’ll guide each Pro’s story all the way to the pinnacle of football. Not only can you acquire personal items, but you can also take your Pro’s attributes into the game’s career mode and tweak them to personalise your playing style. FIFA ’22 Watch Your Pro Play – Build teams of 10 players using FIFA ’22’s new Watch Your Pro Play mode. Any one of your team members can be used as the ‘watcher’ and you can switch to any player at any point during the match, offering additional tactical insight. Transfer Market – NEW: Adaptive Contract – With the Adaptive Contract option, you can increase your salary based on your form. If you are consistently brilliant, your salary will be significantly increased. If you are consistently terrible, you’ll experience a significant drop. You’ll have the choice to adapt your salary based on how your team performs. BUDGET A brand new editing and customisation tool allows you to complete an unlimited amount of player setups. Unique Player Performance – New unique player performance, including new Player Mobility, Player Awareness, Player Intelligence, and Player Durability – allows for more realistic game play. Elite Line-up Option – You can now select from a wider range of Elite Line-ups in-game to reflect real life situations. Match Engine – The engine has been completely redesigned for FIFA 22 to provide a faster, more intuitive gameplay experience. It’s also been redesigned to support a greater diversity of player styles and tactical approaches, while


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