EA SPORTS Human Movement Engine

The foundation of FIFA 22 is EA SPORTS’ highly-advanced, award-winning EA SPORTS Human Movement Engine. This is the game’s foundational technology and enables FIFA 22 to create more realistic and authentic movement, tackles, touches, interactions and intelligent behaviors.

This technology will be showcased by the FIFA World Cup AI, set to be unveiled in FIFA 20. The technology will also be used in the 2018 FIFA World Cup gameplay and augmented reality experience, now available for all FIFA fans.


FIFA 22 builds on FIFA’s unique AI systems to improve attacking dynamics and create new tactical decisions for players and managers. By using computer vision, cognitive computing and AI techniques, FIFA 22 works to make team-mates aware of players with a better chance of scoring. By turning individual rivalries into a collective dynamic, FIFA 22’s AI creates a more immersive experience as every human player on the pitch can feel the tension.

Player Behaviour

As well as the ever-evolving FIFA AI, FIFA 22 introduces an AI-controlled player – Aggro. Aggro interacts with other players and therefore possesses a more aggressive attitude towards players than usual. Aggro reacts differently to different players and even scores based on how aggressive they are – you’ll no longer be able to talk your way out of a tough situation.

Aggro presents a new way of playing football at every level, and is now built in at both youth and Pro Academy level. Players that are in the most animated moods make the best comments. Players in less animated moods are more reserved and have different comments. Players with Aggro prefer high intensity situations. Players will be more agile and make an effort to change their play style.

Player Demeanor

Player Demeanor will be another first for FIFA. With Player Demeanor, you can turn off individual traits in players. This allows them to change their play style when required but still has a fixed personality. In-game players are also more similar to their real-life counterparts.

There’s also improved individualities with new interactions between players.


Players have a different way to challenge their opponents. Similar to attacking a goal, they now have the ability to challenge their current opponent after they’ve scored to increase the potential return on the attack. The new FIFA challenges have two modes:


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Reintroduces “live audio commentary”, authentic commentary that’s played alongside the on-screen action, featuring real, former professionals making real-time match analysis.
  • Uses “HyperMotion Technology” developed by EA DICE to more realistically display player animations and interactions, more responsive controls, and quicker, more reactive gameplay.
  • Uses the Frostbite engine, a breakthrough in graphics technology employed by other EA sports.
  • Introduces the all-new “Take On The World” gameplay mode, a mode that puts you in the shoes of an over-the-top Pro who fights to become the best.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

  • Broadcast Pitched for optimum audio and visualization across all screens in your home.
  • Largest roster of 16 teams in World Cup history, with 192 official players to choose from. Not so much as 13.
  • Every team is represented by a country, so choose your side and match up against the world as it’s laid out before you.
  • Official tournament apparel for every country on the field, stitched by local weavers in each homelan.
  • Over 100 goal celebrations and unique moves for all teams in each game. Watch the choreography of your favorite movesets as they come alive in the fifa 22 World Cup.
  • Choose which team plays in your favorite stadium for ultimate authenticity.
  • 8 gladiator Arenas.
  • New terrains and themed stadiums.
  • Re-imagined stadia with larger screens and more detailed features.
  • Goal explosions and goal foreshadowing so you’ll know which shot is on its way.


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Touch the ball more, feel its weight and nuance, see it move with more physics and fluidity – then move with it. Capture the unpredictable feeling of the world’s most popular sport – the physicality, speed, skill and drama of real football – through the new, game-changing FIFA, powered by football. With Player Impact Engine, Decisions and Creative Intelligence, FIFA delivers an expansive and authentic experience, and new ways to create and share moments in the world’s game. In FIFA, You are in the game.

Introducing Player Impact Engine

The backbone of FIFA, Player Impact Engine creates a realistic and responsive motion system that delivers an authentic and adaptive match experience. It includes three key pillars:

Prediction – Mobile motion technology that adapts to the player’s style of movement, allowing you to keep the ball closer to the foot during dribbling, leading to more fluid runs.

– Mobile motion technology that adapts to the player’s style of movement, allowing you to keep the ball closer to the foot during dribbling, leading to more fluid runs. Strategy and Handling – The ball responds to your every move, allowing you to split through blocks and pass through opposition players. Touch the ball and go on the counterattack – your every touch can make the difference.

– The ball responds to your every move, allowing you to split through blocks and pass through opposition players. Touch the ball and go on the counterattack – your every touch can make the difference. Touch Control – Touch Control delivers a unique touch interface that uses your gesture to deliver the ball with greater accuracy, fluidity and goal celebration acumen.

Watch the FIFA 22 Pre-Order Trailer

“This is a game changer for FIFA,” said Seb Rochat, Senior Producer, FIFA. “The changes we’ve made in Player Impact Engine allow us to bring the world’s most popular sport into the game in a way that has never been possible before. Creating this game engine has been hugely rewarding, but with the excitement of our fans comes the responsibility of delivering them the best game possible. We’ve listened to their feedback and we’re excited to show them what they’ve been asking for.”

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 introduces Real Player Impact, a new animation system that brings the ball into clearer focus and adds even more depth and intensity to the way you control it. Feel it


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What’s new in Fifa 22:


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What is FIFA?

FIFA is a series of sports video games published by Electronic Arts. FIFA began with the first EA Sports release, FIFA, in August of 1992.

FIFA is one of the most popular, widely played, and profitable sports video games of all time, with estimated sales of between 100 and 115 million copies as of 2010.

FIFA is developed by EA Canada.

One of the most notable features of FIFA is its level of realism, which depends on a number of factors, including commentary and team management. Players build their teams by selecting players from a database that includes top players from around the world. Other features include championships, tournaments, and other elements.

A key aspect of FIFA is the gameplay engine, which allows players to physically move around on the field. Players can shoot, pass, dribble, and perform other actions on the field.

EA Sports has not created new game modes for FIFA since the release of FIFA 99.

Since the release of FIFA 99, EA Sports has re-used game modes and modes from other EA Sports games. These include FIFA 99’s coin-toss (which is similar to an NFL Kickoff game), FIFA’s knockout cup, and FIFA 99’s award-based rounds.

For example, in FIFA 99, players played the knockout rounds via what was called the “Summer Tour”. In the knockout rounds, the first and second rounds consisted of a four-game aggregate series; the winners of those four games then played each other in the semi-finals. In this case, the semi-finals, which were played as one-game series, featured the first- and second-round winners, and these games determined which teams went to the grand final.

The knockout round provided a sense of anticipation for the final two rounds, but its use of an aggregate system for the semi-finals was a source of frustration for many players.

In FIFA 2001, the knockout system was re-used in another way. In that year’s knockout rounds, the fourth-round winners went to the semi-finals, which also had an aggregate format.

In FIFA 2002, the knockout-round format was not reused.

FIFA World Cup Career Mode allows players to create players and compete for a virtual team in the World Cup. Players compete in the qualifying rounds as managers, or as “keepers”. The World Cup is played out over 19 rounds: 9 groups of 3, then a


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