Gameplay Motion Capture Study: How Real Is the FIFA Player?

The greatest video game franchises have relied on the fidelity of their game characters to represent real-life players. In the FIFA video game series, the characters players can control are almost always made to appear like real-life players from around the world. In recent years, however, this process has begun to lack some realism because of the data-capture technology used in the development of the FIFA player models. For example, in the new Fifa 22 Download With Full Crack, only one data-capture system was used to create the game characters. What’s more, this data was not recorded by 22 real footballers at all but by a 3D motion capture suit worn by one real-life player (as if 22 players, each wearing their own data-capture suit, simultaneously performed one simulation).

The motion capture system was developed by Daan van Dam and Jonathan Kellerman, founders of the Motion Analysis firm PA Consulting, as an aid to the development of the FIFA and Call of Duty games. PA Consulting makes most of its money from the sale of their motion capture suit technology to game developers for use in video game development.

We approached PA Consulting and asked why it was not possible for the player models in FIFA 22 to look more like actual players.

PA Consulting told us that the game characters were perfect and that the motion capture suits were reliable but that the data from the one player wearing the suit was still valuable. Moreover, PA Consulting had already provided data-capture technology for other video games. In those cases, there had been two or more data-capture systems in action, each collecting data from the players. We asked PA Consulting to explain how they can use the information from one player wearing only one suit.

We were told by PA Consulting that they were able to measure and analyze the movements and actions of the players. The company uses data from the motion capture data to create the game characters. PA Consulting analyzes the captured data and uses this information to make the game characters more lifelike.

We asked Pa Consulting to show us how the data that they recorded from one player is used in the development of the game characters in FIFA 22, and to explain how, even though a single data-capture system was used, they can still take advantage of the information collected from 22 real-life players.

From the Data of a Single Player to the Game Characters in FIFA 22

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • The most realistic football game yet
  • Off-the-ball actions are driven by intelligent artificial intelligence (AI), improving the flow and unpredictability of the ball
  • AI assistant, tactical, and environmental systems mean players adapt to the game state around them
  • FIFA’s ‘AI Allstars’ use super-human AI to even more brilliantly simulate individual player skills
  • Authentic crowd sound, manager intros, trophies, and tons of new ways to play new your unique experience
  • UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and Europa League
  • Authentic 3D officiating, including real referees, media pundits and commentators
  • 100 authentic stadiums with vibrant crowds, stadia with authentic lighting, and historic fan chants
  • New MyPlayer Ultimate, team cards and attributes that change in real-time, along with an improved goal celebration system
  • 15 playable national teams, including England, Spain, Brazil, Germany, and South Africa
  • Dramatically improved snow and rain effects, plus grass and ground types (including subsoil and waterlogged pitches)
  • 22-player matchday squads, a full new national anthem
  • 5 new leagues: Africa, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Women's Champions League and European Championships
  • Arena Interactive and EA Trex GmbH announced as Electronic Arts' official partner for fans at eath Superstars Final last September 2, 2018 at the Electronic Arts Headquarters in Florida, USA.


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FIFA is an award-winning gaming experience that allows players to live the beautiful game and share its excitement.


For the first time in the history of FIFA, the game mechanics at your disposal reflect what it feels like to actually play the game: 30 new Faces, 50 new tricks and aerials, 50 new balls, 40 new defenders, new new passing, shooting and dribbling mechanics, new player decisions, new dribbling controls, new interpretation of defensive positioning, and more.


New pacing system – Speed of every action taken on the pitch increases as your opponent’s defender closes in.

– Speed of every action taken on the pitch increases as your opponent’s defender closes in. New controls – Dribble with the left stick, shoot with the right stick, and pass with the A button.

– Dribble with the left stick, shoot with the right stick, and pass with the A button. New condition of midfield – Pass and shooting the ball creates a micro-condition called Pass+Condition to make midfielders more intelligent and more unpredictable.

New AI (computer-controlled team players):

More tactical intelligence in possession and goalkeeping.

20 new playmakers, whose movement closely follow that of their teammates.

Infection controls:

Dynamically changes every single shot to make every goal different.

Two new throw-in controls.

New rebound physics.

Your experience:

New “Pro-Series” – Play FIFA Ultimate Team™ with a game experience tailored to your preferences.

New Web and social features – Compete and interact with your friends live in real time and take advantage of unique social features.

– Compete and interact with your friends live in real time and take advantage of unique social features. New creating tools – Over 30 new player kits, uniforms and training wear.

– Over 30 new player kits, uniforms and training wear. New coaching system – Coach your tactics in the new Club Management mode.

– Coach your tactics in the new Club Management mode. New motion-based injury system – Take on more injuries using the physics engine.

Unique English Premier League matchday experience – Play in authentic English Premier League stadiums and weather conditions.

Supports new FIFA Manager mode – Manage your clubs as you compete in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and FIFA Club World Cup.


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Build and master your favorite clubs and share with the world. Share your Ultimate Team status with the world in real-time and win rewards for your online accomplishments.

Career Mode – The ultimate mode for all players! This mode offers improved game modes including playability for the casual and hardcore player. It also includes brand new features like the new “Goals of the Year”, which allows you to choose your most memorable match moments over the past year.

Weather conditions can be harsh. Play your games any time of day or night, but the pitch might not be as friendly as in other seasons. A bigger proportion of matches will be played in the dark and rainy conditions, so make sure you aren’t caught unprepared.

The heat of summer requires a more robust cooling system than we’ve seen in FIFA games in the past. But with all that sweat, isn’t there also going to be a lot more to look at, smell, and taste? The answer is, of course. FIFA is great for players of all ages and skill levels to get their feet wet in a brand-new season.

This year’s soundtrack hits all the right spots, with incredible tunes that take you right into the action with rousing scores that use percussion, winds, horns, and strings to deliver a modern sound to play your favourite tunes.

The soundtrack has been updated in-game with new options, allowing you to choose from a variety of player songs and club songs, and the ability to adjust the playback speed of the songs.

All-New Graphics
See players and the ball come alive with an all-new graphical engine. Feel the ground under your feet with new contact areas in the pitch that replicate the real thing, and a host of new graphic effects: from bouncy surfaces to driving rain.

Delivering the most realistic sports game experience on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Can you teach new skills? Can you dominate your opponents? Can you improve a pro’s game through coaching and feedback? These are all questions you’ll have to answer as you journey through the game.

FIFA 14 introduces deeper, more precise teaching and feedback for every game, as well as new Trainer Cards that allow you to assign specific game challenges to train for.

Each game also includes the FIFA 14 Pro Guide, which not only offers expert coaching advice, but also offers specific players,


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team. The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League are back in FIFA! You’ll also be able to use the A.I. to control your teammates to help you create the Ultimate Team squad that can defeat any rival in a friendly or competitive game.
  • League and Cup Seasons; Additional Brazil Ligue. Ligue-France is back in FIFA 22.
  • Players’ Skills. Players’ skills have been enhanced. They’ll be able to take more touches, more shots, and more key passes.
  • Dribbling & Tackling Actions. Every player can choose from more varieties of dribbling actions. They will also improve their performance in tackling.
  • A.I. Assistant. The A.I. assistant can coach players on positioning, shooting, and transition play like a professional manager.

    Multi-level coaching opportunities. The A.I. assistant coach can choose from different tactics, formations and lineups in 2F, 3F and 4F.

  • Improved player models. FIFA 22 players will move more naturally in diverse environments. However, EA has not yet provided advanced images of the injured player and the body language is sub par.
  • Remastered FIFA 17 FUT Manager Camera. The manager camera now tracks players and crowds for greater player analysis and 3rd person view.
  • Playable FUT Seasons. FIFA 22 will feature extensive game modes in FIFA Ultimate Team, allowing you to compete against other teams’ players in head to head and tournament modes throughout the season. Improved graphics and new gameplay enhancements will showcase the competition side of the game for fans.
  • New FUT Scenario. FIFA 22 also presents brand-new gameplay features with FIFA Ultimate Team Scenario Modes.
  • New Manager Mode for new and experienced Pro’s with FUT Season play. New mechanics offer variations for new and experienced managers to find new in-game ways to improve their team. Players’ abilities have been enhanced with new pass, shot, dribble, pass on the break, tackle, interception, and scoring action mechanics. An improved ability to dribble past opponents or use the space or run into tight situations will require new handling skills to master.
  • FIFA 17 Ultimate Team


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FIFA is one of the most popular videogames on the planet with more than 250 million players. The series has been at the core of the global videogames industry since the very first game launched in 1991, introducing the ‘total football’ concept and its idea of the player as the conductor and creator of the game’s style.

At E3 2017, the reveal of FIFA 18 will make fans feel like they’ve got their first FIFA again, as the game will feature some of the most revolutionary and fun improvements in the history of the franchise.

With Real Player Motion Technology, players will finally feel like they are holding the ball and moving with a 99th-of-a-second level of realism thanks to the connection between players and real-world movement during play. For the first time ever, players in FIFA 18 can use the ball like a real football, making them feel even more connected to the action, controlling the ball like they would on the field. This allows for greater ball control, better vision, and smarter decision-making.

Tactical Defending is a vital element in FIFA 18, with ‘dark zones’ and ‘clear zones’ on the pitch highlighting opponents’ weaknesses and turning their run of play into a tactical game of chess, both on defence and attack. This guarantees attacking strategies will not be the same from one match to the next.

Designed to deliver the biggest single-player experience of any sports game ever, FIFA 18 will also feature ‘The Journey’ – a story-driven experience which takes fans on an epic journey across the globe to six real-world locations to uncover the hidden story of FIFA. All ten FIFA World Cup™ teams have been on the journey, and they can all be unlocked during the course of The Journey in the final game.

Powered by Football, in FIFA 18 you can play the World Cup in a whole new way – an all-new World Cup mode gives you unprecedented control and access to the biggest sporting event in the world, providing all-new ways to play, train and compete with friends and rivals. From World Cup warm-ups to friendlies to the final, The Journey, and the new video shotch, FIFA Ultimate Team, the action is at an all-time high and so are the rewards for your journey.

FIFA 18 builds on the core gameplay and core features of FIFA 17 – a game which was one of the greatest games of the


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