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A powerful tool to keep your browsers up-to-date by automatically reloading websites with content changes. It allows you to automatically reload websites at pre-determined intervals, from 1 minute to 24 hours. Using the presets in this tool you can easily set up your preference. The tool also allows you to specify an interval manually, or set a custom refresh time and number of reloads. Aerobics, basketball, badminton, volleyball, cricket, car racing, horse racing, tennis…Sports influence us, entertain us and occasionally rob us of sleep at night. That is why Red Bull enjoys a 90% share of the sports drink market, which sees 10 billion fluid ounces consumed annually. If the conscious soccer mom sought a drink that was a perfect combination of energy and longevity, she might consider a Red Bull. Yet parents raising children that play the same game or not at all find themselves scurrying to buy the drink in their support of their sport. Why should the drinkshop owner, riding up on a wave of brand empowerment, ride that wave? Red Bull is an awesome brand with a $2 billion turnover in the U.S. and $2.6 billion globally. Does that make it a $3 billion global brand? You bet. In fact, it’s bigger than 2.3% of the Fortune 500 and shouldered by the likes of Exxon Mobil, Xerox and Disney. Its cool new positioning: “It will make you fly.” Red Bull’s current hero is team cycling. It got on board the CX race team by being a sponsor of the team’s yellow jersey winner. Then it let the team use its logo on the jersey in its first event, the Tour de France. Now Red Bull is sponsoring the Tour de France winners of green jersey, most promising. You don’t have to be a pro to play. Hmmm. A trial in an old company with ancient ways, and a new battle approach. Might be a case where, in the words of the legendary, thankless job coach to Barbara Corcoran, a company should “throw a $100,000 or $1,000,000 here, and see what happens.” Source: link AutoIE Refresher – Plugin for Internet Explorer by rpexbreena AutoIE Refresher is an extension for Internet Explorer that provides you with the possibility to automatically refresh one or more web pages. This can be a useful tool when you frequently b7e8fdf5c8

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With this extension you can easily update the pages you open in the browser. The update can happen automatically after a preset time interval or after a page is changed, or not until the next time you open the page. Add a new toolbar to the top of the browser window and open the pages on which the extension should automatically reload. The time interval can be set in the settings. If the update is scheduled, but the page content has not changed, the extension will still update the page and no refresh takes place. All the tabs are automatically reloaded. Features: Detects changes in a web page and reloads it automatically. Optionally pause for a preset time interval. Optionally restart the detection process. Updates the update log. Tab context – opens the extension settings from the context menu of a tab or when a page is reloaded. Options – reload options: when is the restart detected and how does it work. Uses cookies – logs and remembers the settings that were last used, so that it does not ask for the settings every time. Original developer “”, from 0.9.1. Main page: “”, v. 0.9.3 Screenshots If you think that Auto IE Refresher should be featured here, please let me know.Dose uniformity and visibility of polyethylene-backed gold jacketed radiochromic film dosimeters. Polyethylene-backed radiochromic film dosimeters (RadioDos(®) DETECT(®) UV and RadioDos(®) DETECT(®) IR) were evaluated for dose uniformity and visibility (uniformity index) relative to reference dosimeters. UV and IR tests were performed using 10 randomly selected dosimeters with doses ranging from 0.1 to 7.2 Gy and 1.8 to 15.2 Gy, respectively. Visibility of the film of these dosimeters was evaluated using an automated brightness uniformity index (BUI) measurement system. Compared to reference radios, the film dosimeters had significantly decreased dose uniformity and significantly decreased uniformity index. The dose uniformity of RadioDos(®) DETECT(®) UV decreased significantly by ∼12% at high doses while that of RadioDos(®) DETECT(®) IR decreased significantly by ∼60% at

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Minimum: OS: OS X 10.7 or Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT or ATI X1650 (with 128 MB or less video RAM) DirectX: Version 9.0c Hard Drive: 25 GB available space Recommended: OS: OS X 10.8 or Windows 8 Processor: Intel Core i7 Memory: 8 GB RAM