As its name suggests, Bible Explorer is a user-friendly application designed to help you study and understand the contents of the Holy Book. With its intuitive interface, it brings important passages, comments, translations and explanations right at your fingertips, providing you with a simple method for organizing information and learning about the word of God. At the first start, you are prompted to download and install the Bible books. Once this process is finished, you can start browsing the library, create notes and study plans. The application includes the King James version of the Bible, enabling you to browse and read important passages and easily navigate through the chapters. It comes with a set of features that make the learning process much easier: you can take personal notes, create bookmarks, highlight significant text sections and cross-reference any verses or passages. To make learning even more easy, the application can create personalized Bible reading plans, where you can specify the sections to read and how much time you want the process to take. The advanced search tool browses through the entire library to find specific passages or concepts, multiple keywords, phrases or Strong's numbers (occurrences of original language words). You can use the built-in word processor in order to create documents that integrate with your library, where scripture references are automatically turned into hyperlinks. You can access discussion groups to talk to other Bible Explorer users, share your notes with friends, or view a list of commentaries regarding Bible content and other theology-related concepts. Spell checking with custom dictionaries, backup capabilities, printing and page preview are other features that this application comes with. Furthermore, it can remember the preferences of more than one user, by creating so-called 'desktops' that save the window layout, comments, text format, cross-references, highlighted passages and so on. Thus, it can be used by multiple persons simultaneously, without worrying that their learning habits are affected in any way. Combining ease of use with advanced features, Bible Explorer provides you with an intuitive study environment for reading and learning about the Holy Book and discovering its meaning.







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– Instantly browse the King James Bible – View pictures for every Bible passage – Search through the entire library in a matter of seconds – Compatible with a wide range of tablets and smartphones – Compatible with Bible download sites like BibleGateway, Bible Hub, BibleQuest, Christian Classics, Jesus, My Bible and many others – Create personal reading plans – Record notes, highlight or make bookmarks – Build custom dictionaries – Highlight text – Open the Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic or Chaldee concordances for any passage – Print and search for any text – Access discussion groups – Add your account to the Bible Explorer desktop – Supported languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Chaldee, Aramaic Have fun with this application, which will guide you through the Bible in a fashion similar to a journey through history. Based on a photo of the original, you can see and read the Bible on your tablet or smartphone! Along the way, you can hear bible verses and see the images and symbols appearing, such as the snake eating its tail, the hare stealing the vine and the lamb opening its book. Additionally, a free Voice pack for guided tours (each language has its own) is available. You can save up to 120 tours created with the individual languages, and access them at any time. Bible Explorer Features: – A Bible guide in the language of your choice, with a voice version for your convenience – A guided tour, with a voice version for your convenience, which uses pictures and images to explain the world of the Bible in an entertaining way – Compatible with a wide range of tablets and smartphones, including the Apple iPad tablet and Android tablets – Choose from among the Biblical texts: the King James Version, NIV, NKJV, New International Version (NIV) and New American Standard Bible (NASB) – Both English and non-English versions of the Bible (Hebrew and Chaldee) are available – Learn more about the Bible, and discover how it relates to the history of the world – Sync your Bible with the Approximer iGen library for easy access to various Bible books – Hear Bible verses as you explore the Bible and hear them in the language of your choice (Spanish, French, English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.); choose from among the versions (King James, NIV, NKJV, etc.); and use

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Abundant App/ABAA is a Bible App and Books app. Have you ever looked up for a Bible version that is needed to read? And, the one you found is not the one you want? What’s wrong? There are a lot of versions of Bible. They all have their own application and books for you to use! You can use and manage any version and any book you want! You will surely be caught in any Bible version and books ever!!! Why should you be caught in this situation? – Many versions and books out there for you to use. – Full functions of Bible and book (with the best translation). – Customization of Bible version and book (with beautiful design). – Search by Book/Version, Notes/Translations, or categories. – Backups and Memory. – Let you save any Bible version and book you like. – Lots of books for you to read and enjoy. – Search and Sort books and DB versions by the category of back book, by A to Z, by color, by font size, by name, by size, by first book, by compare, by author, by publication, by language, by reading speed, by format, by comment, by back book, by display name, by used_date, by size, by rating. – Compare books and DB’s versions by their study plan and categories. – View and manage book list. – Favorites system. – Translated books. – Now, you can browse any book and version easily and conveniently. You are NOT caught in any Bible version or books again! The best choice for you! You will definitely get the best one for you! – Always be the BEST of you! *** This is a Bible App with great features. And, you will never feel you are not in the right Bible version! ABAA has been developed with ‘thick skin’ and emotion. Our team of developers have their own Bible version in their hearts, also, they love their version of Bible the most. They all love ABAA, which was made from the best version and book. That is why they always work for you with their best of the best work! They are actually happy if there are some improvements. – We will always use our favorite Bible version for you. – We will always keep on developing and improving ABAA for you. – We are listening to you as well! – We will be honest and serious with you, to let you know, the best version of Bible and books are b7e8fdf5c8

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Holy Bible Explorer is a freeware Bible that will help you browse and read the King James Version of the Bible. It features a robust set of tools that will make it a useful Bible reader for users of all levels. You can create your own personal Bible reading plans by selecting the chapters that you want to read and the time that you want them to take. Just like every good spiritual student, you should start each day by reading the first verse of the Bible. Although the application is designed to be a simple book reader, it also comes with a number of advanced features: – Create custom word lists – Spell checking – Bookmark tool – Highlight passages – Cross-reference, notes and bookmarks – The King James Version, the New International Version, the American Standard version (or any other version you want to use), with links directly to the text and a search function at your fingertips – Full-screen mode – Print the book, and view it as a PDF document, opening it in your PDF viewer – Print notes, bookmarks and text that you have highlighted – Bookmark tool – Highlight passages – Cross-reference and notes – Spell checking – The ability to open multiple files and read them simultaneously – Use a custom dictionary – Create and synchronize notes and bookmarks for multiple users – Back-up bookmarks, notes and highlights The application comes in a lightweight installation package with a single installer file. The application also includes a simple manual. You can access Bible Explorer’s discussion groups to talk to other users or share your personal Bible notes with other users. Scripture references are turned into hyperlinks and you can create documents that integrate with your Bible library. You can also access the application’s documentation and user guide, where you can learn more about the features and functions of this Bible application. Bible Explorer License: Bible Explorer is completely free. You can use it for both personal and commercial purposes without any additional cost. Bible Explorer Suggested: Although Bible Explorer is completely free, you can also purchase the following items from the ‘Buy’ button on the top menu, which will provide you with a more convenient user experience: Bible Explorer is a freeware Bible that will help you browse and read the King James Version of the Bible. It features a robust set of tools that will make it a useful Bible reader for users of all levels. You can create your own

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* Study individual passages, commentaries, key terms, or all of the King James Version of the Bible * Bookmark your favorite passages * Cross-reference verses and other important information to find related words or phrases * Create notes about your personal study * Search the entire text of the Bible for specific words * Sort text by Cross-Reference, Location, Number or Plot * Edit, review and print your notes * Customize the layout, text format, window size and appearance * Add custom dictionaries to check spelling (American, British, etc) * Back up and sync your data with your computer * Share notes and study plans with friends * Enjoy online discussion groups or, create your own to post your thoughts * Print the index and texts * View and print detailed pages * Create bookmarks for passages you frequently want to read * Personalize your Desktop * Customize the application with options, languages, dictionaries and themes Create your own reading plan and Bible reading plan to help you grow as a Christian. BibleMyPlan is a complete Bible learning tool designed to make your study easier and more productive. Unlike other Bible reading applications that typically only present notes and highlights to you, BibleMyPlan takes the complexity out of Bible reading, making it easy to read your favorite Bible chapters daily. BibleMyPlan is as easy to use as a typical e-book reader. It keeps your Bible reading alive by expanding and adding detailed notes and scripture references to each chapter. You can even mark your own notes to save your time for more important things in your life. BibleMyPlan also contains a great help section, which makes reading and learning about the Bible easy. After opening the application, you can create a reading plan using three major features: study plan, reading plan and notes. A study plan helps you to organize your study and make sure that you stay focused on the most important concepts of your faith. BibleMyPlan contains pre-defined study plans to help you understand the meaning of the Bible in a simple, comprehensive way. A reading plan, in addition to organizing your study in a clear way, also provides you a guideline for how to read specific chapters, where to focus your thoughts and what topics to study each day. The BibleMyPlan also enables you to create your own reading plans. BibleMyPlan can also be used as an index. This makes it easy to mark the significant content of a specific chapter or verse. When

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• Compatibility: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 • Processor: 1 GHz • RAM: 1 GB • Graphics: DirectX 9-capable graphics card • Hard Drive: 300 MB • Sound: DirectX 9-compatible sound card (ALSA / ASIO) • Internet: Adobe Flash or later • Other: Internet connection Discord is a voice-chat based communication program that was created by the guys over at Psyonix. It’s similar to Skype