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ISO Compressor is a lightweight and user-friendly application whose main function is to help you turn ISO images into CSO format files, with as little effort as possible from you.
The program is dedicated to PlayStation and Wii players, who wish to compress their game files so as to be able to carry them on a portable media drive without having them take up too much memory on the device.
ISO Compressor is quite efficient and very easy to handle, working in a ‘point and shoot’ kind of way. In order to compress your ISO file, all you need to do is browse for it and select it, so it can be loaded into the applications’ main window.
If you do not wish to modify anything else, you can very well use the default settings provided by this tool, meaning the ‘Compression Level’ set at value 6 and the output location, which will coincide with the source folder. You can then press the ‘Compress’ button and ISO Compressor will begin to work on your file, converting it to CSO in just a few moments.
Of course, the duration of this operation also depends on the initial size of the input file. ISO Compressor features a progress bar, letting you view how much it has managed to compress and estimate the amount of time it could take.
Additionally, this piece of software even allows you to decompress CSO files, using the same steps as for when you want to reduce the size of ISO files, but working in reverse, so you can convert the file to a useable format in just a few clicks, enabling you to play your favorite games whenever you want.
To conclude, ISO Compressor is a useful and efficient utility that can easily assist you in converting ISO format files to CSO and the other way round, in order to save up save on your disk, aimed mainly at Wii and PSP players.
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How to install ISO Compressor:
1. Run ISO Compressor installation file on the computer where you wish to install the software.
2. Select “Run ISO Compressor installer”.
3. You will then be prompted to select an installation folder where you want to install ISO Compressor. Select “Custom” radio button and click on “Next”.
4. You will then be prompted to input a name and description for your installation of ISO Compressor.
5. Finally, click on “Install” button to complete

ISO Compressor Crack + Free

ISO Compressor Torrent Download is a free program created especially for PlayStation and Wii players, who wish to increase the number of songs they can carry around, or indeed at least get to the desired location on their portable media drive by using their PS3 or Wiis.
The program has an easy-to-use graphical interface, allowing you to quickly browse for the ISO file you want and simply press the ‘Compress’ button, so it will compress the ISO file into a CSO format.
As you can see, the process is very easy, and takes not much time at all.
ISO Compressor Usage:
The program can be used by anyone, regardless of their experience with computers, with no need to be familiar with the underlying code of the operating system.
To begin with, the program will appear to you in a very simple interface. You will simply need to press the ‘Compress’ button and browse for the ISO file you wish to convert, as well as the location where you would like to save the result. You then simply need to press ‘Compress’, and the program will do the rest.
The compression process will also be displayed as a progress bar, indicating how much of the source file has been successfully converted, and the duration of the operation itself.
If you prefer to have more control over the compression process, you can indeed set the compression level to a higher value, making the compression more accurate in terms of size and speed. However, this additional value will also contribute to the size of the compressed file.
In addition to the compression and decompression of ISO files, the program can also be used for converting any other file type to CSO.
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I must thank you for the help. I did that and when I unzipped it there was a folder called ‘ISO Compressor’ and inside that folder was an icon ‘install’ that I double clicked and it worked. This is so cool. Great tool for saving space on my PSP.

I used it on my WII and then my PS3 and finally my laptop and it worked fine.

I’m happy to give this a rating and

ISO Compressor Download

ISO Compressor is a revolutionary application aimed at Wii, PlayStation and PSP players who wish to compress their ISO format files in order to be able to carry them on a portable media drive.
It has a very high compression ratio and its size is measured in MB, making it compatible with various consoles, provided that the ISO format is compatible with the target format.
The program can decompress ISO files in a matter of seconds and makes it possible to play them on a myriad of devices, in a matter of seconds.
ISO Compressor is quite easy to handle, helping users to locate their files, select them and compress them. ISO Compressor will be available for several platforms soon.
• Compression
• Decompression
• Conversion
What’s new in ISO Compressor 2.4:
• Compatibility with all platforms’ ISO format images
• New algorithm, opening new possibilities to handle large files
• Preliminary testing of most issues in the past
• Minor bug fixes
• Small cosmetic changes
What’s new in ISO Compressor 2.3:
• The possibility to use ISO images from all the latest video games
• Converts ISO images into many other formats
• Compression of uncompressed files
• Compression of audio files
• Old format messages have been improved
• Minor bug fixes
What’s new in ISO Compressor 2.2:
• Displays the file size before compressing/decompressing
• Allows you to choose the target folder on the fly
• Tools window changes according to the selected folder
• Minor bug fixes
What’s new in ISO Compressor 2.1:
• File recovery
• New settings page
• Improved algorithm
• Minor bug fixes
What’s new in ISO Compressor 2.0:
• All-in-one solution to convert ISO format images
• New algorithm
• New settings
What’s new in ISO Compressor 1.5:
• Improved and optimized algorithm
• New settings
• Minor bug fixes
What’s new in ISO Compressor 1.4:
• Includes the Xbox ISO format image
What’s new in ISO Compressor 1.3:
• ISO images from various video games
What’s new in ISO Compressor 1.2:
• New settings
What’s new in ISO Compressor 1.1:
• New settings
• Minor bug fixes
What’s new in ISO Compressor 1.0:
• Initial releaseWhat’s new in

What’s New in the ISO Compressor?

The application ISO Compressor is a powerful tool that can be used to compress and decompress ISO files of different formats, opening them up and making them smaller in size. Furthermore, the software also supports the game PSP and PlayStation formats, making it ideal for PSP and PS3 gaming enthusiasts.
The first thing you’ll need to do to use this tool to its full potential is to choose the folder where you want your compressed file to be saved. After that, you’ll need to decide the compression level and choose the source ISO file. You can also set the background image if you want to.
There are more advanced settings that can be used, such as the compression quality level, opening the ISO files after compressing them, and so on. The program also allows you to convert a ISO format into a CSO (CEN) format, making it easier for you to play games.
Q: My ISO file is corrupted. What do I do?
A:If you encounter this error when trying to open your ISO files, you may try to delete the ISO file and then try to open it again, but this method may fail. A better option is to rename the ISO file. A third option is to open the ISO file with the.iso extension and drag the file to the ISO Compressor window.
Q: I’m having issues opening up my ISO files. What do I do?
A:In Windows Explorer, choose the ISO file and look for the file’s read-only attribute. If the read-only attribute is set to no, you can set the attribute using a registry hack, otherwise you’ll have to modify the ISO file. You’ll also have to be careful with your computer’s security settings.
Q: I don’t know the ISO file extension and I don’t want to rename it. Is there any other option?
A:The best option for this scenario is to rename the ISO file. However, you can also run the ISO Compressor program on your ISO file and make it smaller.
Q: How do I select ISO images?
A: You need to create a folder first in any location you like and put the ISO files inside. The folder will have a name beginning with a “.”, and if it has a file with the extension ” “.iso, it will be selected automatically.
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System Requirements For ISO Compressor:

Windows 7 64bit | Windows 8 64bit | Windows 8 32bit
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti or ATI Radeon HD 5850
Processor: Intel Core i5-4200 or AMD Phenom II X2
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 25 GB
OS: 64bit Windows 7, 8, or 8.1
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 560 or ATI Radeon HD 5770