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Straightening and correcting lens distortion

The Straighten and Lens Correction tools work together to straighten and correct lens distortion. This is a fantastic tool, and its value is immense. I discuss these tools in the next two sections.

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5 Awesome Photoshop Subscription Plans

1) Creative Cloud

It comes with:

Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription service that gives you access to all the latest creative tools in your desktop applications. It includes:

Creative Cloud Libraries

Adobe Muse

Adobe XD

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Lightroom

Photoshop Mix

Edge Animate

Photoshop Mix

2) Cyber Monday

It gives you:

Buy any software (up to $299) for 25% off, up to 60 days free trial

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ($29.99)

Adobe Illustrator ($199.99)

Adobe InDesign ($199.99)

Adobe XD ($199.99)

3) 1 Year

It gives you:

Adobe Photoshop ($199.99)

Adobe Lightroom ($199.99)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 is an image editing software used by designers, illustrators and photographers. This powerful tool is one of the most popular image editing software in the world today.

5 Photoshop Functions You Should Know

1) New in Photoshop CC 2016

It gives you:

New Dual View function

New Grid function

New Artboard function

New selection handles function

2) New in Photoshop CC 2014

It gives you:

New Photo Matching

New Wavelet Transform

New Wavelet Edge

New Gradient Editor

New Gradient Fill function

3) New in Photoshop CS5

It gives you:

New Filter gallery in the Filters panel

New New Photoshop Search

New Text tool

4) New in Photoshop CS5

It gives you:

New Filter gallery in the Filters panel

5) New in Photoshop CS5

It gives you:

New Photoshop Artboard editor

New Vertical Layout

New Scale function

New Layers Panel

New New Photoshop Quick Fix

The price of a subscription to Photoshop is based on the number of licenses you need. Photoshop is available for PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone and can be updated to the newest version through a browser or directly from the App Store. Below are some pricing options.

Adobe Photoshop $199.99

Adobe Photoshop CS

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