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Using GIMP for image editing

With GIMP (graphics and imaging program), you can make basic adjustments to your image by using the tools that come standard with it. By adjusting the image, you can improve its quality, make corrections to exposure or color balance, and perform other basic corrections that are appropriate for a beginner.

The main tools are the following:

* Filter
* Lasso
* Paint Bucket (Fills the selected area)
* Magic Wand (Searches for details; often works better than the Lasso)
* Healing Brush (Heals the selection)
* Adjustment Brush (Adjusts colors and levels)

Figure 14-11, left, shows an original photo, while the right image is the GIMP version.

FIGURE 14-11: Begin with the best image editing and image-retouching program, GIMP.

## Finding the Right Image Editor

Not all images need to be “fixed” or altered in any way. Some can be left alone, while others need only tweaks and easy fixes for quick enhancements. The techniques and tools of image-editing tools are the same whether you’re correcting an image because it’s blurry or black and white or whether it just needs to be taken from a plain background.

Photoshop is the professional image-editing application; it has the power to not only edit individual images but also to do on-the-fly adjustments and repair to multiple images at once. The toolbox in Photoshop gives you a wide array of tools to modify your images in ways that are pretty much endless.

But Photoshop, like all programs, is not always the best tool for the job. Some image-editing tools, such as Lightroom and Photoshop Elements, are much more streamlined and convenient to use.

On the other hand, GIMP (graphics and imaging program) can produce good results when you start with the image, but it’s a bit complicated and has a steep learning curve, which, as you know, means more time spent and less ease of use.

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Free Online Photoshop CC Courses

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Photoshop but you want some visual guides to walk you through all the key features, then this could be what you need.

The courses themselves are aimed at beginner Photoshop users and have been created by Free Online Training Service. Each tutorial is divided into 10 different sections, making this a multi-semester project.

You’ll be able to get off to a good start by following the tutorials through from the very beginning. There are a total of 23 complete tutorials covering all the main topics. You will be able to complete each tutorial in as little as one or two hours.

The topics covered are:

New Features

The basic workflow

Layer Masks

Merging Layers


Shapes and the Pen Tool

Editing Curves

Colours and Gradients

Merging Layers

Clipping Paths



Smart Objects

Blend Modes



Creating Vector Graphics

Raster to Vector

Other nifty tools

The 23 Free Online Training Services tutorials have been written to cover just about everything that you could ever want to know about the Photoshop software. They are well designed and easy to understand, so there should be no problem getting to grips with this course.

You’ll also need an Adobe ID, as the training content is only viewable with an account. If you don’t have one, you can register here.


The Photoshop tutorials by Free Online Training Services are excellent and I recommend that you start by downloading this set. You won’t find a better free training resource on the internet and they have been specifically designed to teach you Photoshop skills.

I hope you have been able to get some ideas on what courses to download. I am certain that you will find one or two that suit you and your skill level. Get started, get in touch with us today or check back for new articles and free training videos.Redox regulation of phosphodiesterase activity.
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SQL query to fetch the data according to month

I am new to SQL server. I have to apply a query which will fetch the data in a particular month. let say the data in SQL server from 01 jan is called table1,02 jan called table2,03 jan called table3,and so on for the entire year. Can anyone please give me the query for that.?
Thanks in advance


The correct answer is something like the following. I have not tried it, so I don’t know if this works on SQL Server or not.
SELECT table1 FROM table1 WHERE DATEPART(mm, Table1Date) = MONTH (GETDATE())

This should of course be put into a proper stored procedure instead, but this will get you started.
I would also look into using Table-Valued Functions, which would allow you to do this from within SQL Server. This may also be a better option for the long-term.

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Awards and recognition

Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA

Awards and recognition

Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA

Awards and recognition

“Awwwards is arguably one of the world’s largest and most influential awards programs. It is a platform where the web’s most progressive organizations are recognized for the digital innovations they represent and the positive impact they have on our world.

Awwwards staff dedicate themselves to uncovering the most innovative and successful projects, individuals and organizations to celebrate, in order to inspire and encourage others to produce even better work in the future.”Q:

how to check if list of characters exists in a string in python?

I want to check whether a list of characters exists in a string or not.
For example :
#let say I have a string
#’neat and spotty is the best dog’
str = ‘neat and spotty is the best dog’

#Now I have list of charaters
list_characters = [‘t’,’d’,’a’,’n’,’b’,’e’,’a’,’d’,’t’,’y’]

And I want to check whether this list exists in a string or not and return True or False
The output would be :
‘neat and spotty is the best dog’

What’s New In?

The Liquify filter can be used to distort objects, especially for figure drawing.
The Pen tool allows you to draw on an image, which can be useful for correcting or retouching images.
The Gradient tool lets you create and apply gradients to images, and the Eraser tool allows you to erase unwanted image elements.
Text features include the Font dialog box, which lets you choose a font from Photoshop’s built-in collection, and the character palette, which is useful for creating and customizing text.
There are hundreds of powerful filters available to Photoshop users.

The History panel gives you a visual history of your changes.
The Organizer window organizes your files and folders, making them easy to find and manage.
The Quick Selection tool allows you to easily select and make selections on an image.
The Layer tools are helpful for working with layers and grouping objects.
The Magic Wand tool allows you to select multiple areas of an image.
The Move tool lets you move objects around.
The Levels dialog box lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of an image.
The Paths tool lets you create polygonal shapes for use in graphic design.
The Pen tool lets you draw on an image.
The Pixel Bender filter enables you to perform distortions on an image.
The Ray Matte filter simulates the effects of a glass matte painting filter.
The Relief filter makes it possible to create textured images with shaded relief.
The Smudge tool is good for correcting and retouching images.
The Spot Healing Brush tool enables you to quickly fix minor problems with photos.
The Straighten tool can be used to straighten a picture.
The Tilt-Shift filter creates a blurred background, making an image seem as if it were taken through a lens.
The Type tools include the Character palette, the Paintbrush tool, the Pen tool, the Elliptical Marquee tool, and the Rectangular Marquee tool.

Photoshop’s Character palette enables you to create text, whereas the Paintbrush tool lets you paint colors.

The Eraser tool lets you erase unwanted image elements.

The Pixel Bender filter enables you to perform distortions on an image.

Photoshop’s Ray Matte filter simulates the effects of a glass matte painting filter.

The Ray Matte filter is good for creating textured images with shaded relief.

The Tilt-Shift filter creates a blurred background, making an image appear as if it

System Requirements For Free Download Adobe Photoshop New Version Software For Windows 7:

Average Time:
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(2) We will suggest a lower spec machine for you.
Basic Requirements (2)
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Memory: 1 GB for 1-4 players, 4 GB for up to 10 players.
HARDWARE: PC running Windows 7/Vista, Windows XP, MacOSX or Linux.
One of: Intel Core i5 2.