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You can save time by importing images into Photoshop on a host computer, where you can get to work immediately. In this book, we lay the groundwork for importing imagery into Photoshop right away. After all, that’s what you should be doing anyway: capturing and converting your images.

In this chapter, we discuss the benefits of using Photoshop, the basic operations of the program, and what you need to know to get started.

Become a Photoshop Pro

Photoshop is not the easiest program to use, and although it has a steep learning curve, if you stay the course, you can turn into a Photoshop wizard! Photoshop’s many functions can seem overwhelming at first, but there are so many features that it quickly becomes easy to grasp.

You might be wondering if you need to purchase Photoshop to use all the features. While you can use Photoshop with absolutely no computer experience, even the most basic version requires that you download and install the program on your PC or Mac. For the basics of using Photoshop, it’s a good idea to download the latest version of Photoshop (around $20–$40). You can upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 5 later when you have more time (see Chapter 20).

Adobe offers Photoshop as a stand-alone program, or you can purchase software suites such as Adobe Creative Suite 5 as a single package. Either way, you can see many of the programs in this book in action in Appendix A.

This book focuses on the stand-alone version of Photoshop. While the basics are the same in Creative Suite, some of the subtleties of Photoshop may be apparent in the tutorials in Creative Suite applications, making them easier to understand and use.

As you become more comfortable with the program, you’ll want to purchase the more comprehensive Creative Suite. While in most cases, Photoshop is enough for the beginner, a license to Creative Suite enables you to create more complex designs and media, such as animation.

* * *

# Starting Photoshop from the very first place

The temptation to jump right into Photoshop is great. If you download a trial version, you can get right to work doing all the cool things on your own.

Don’t! Not at first. You need to read this book in order. For the most part, you can’t do much until you get a few chapters under your belt. You’ll have to start at the beginning and work your way up to the more advanced material. After all, the book

Photoshop Free Download 7.0 Windows 7 Full Version [Mac/Win]

The following information will help you use Photoshop Elements to edit and save your images.

Use Filters to Correct Image Color Levels

Use the Levels or Curves tools to adjust the color levels in an image.

Look at the Histogram on the right to check the image’s color. A lot of the areas will be grey. If the image is too bright or too dark, use the levels tool or the curves tool to make the picture the way you want it.

Use Effects, Adjustment Layers and Filters for Enhancing Images

Use the effects, adjustment layers and filters to highlight the important parts of the image.

To change the levels, adjust the color in the Histogram to make the image as you want. If the image has shadow areas on the left side, you can use the Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast tool to adjust the brightness of the image.

Use the Adjustment Layers tool to adjust the brightness and contrast of an image.

Use Light Effects to Correct the Lighting

Use the filters to bring out highlights, shadows or both.

Use the Shadows and Highlights filters to adjust the lighting in the picture. If the image has a lot of bright areas, use the Shadows filter to darken the shadows in the picture. Use the Highlights filter to lighten the highlights.

Create Composition

Use the Transformation and Design tools to compose images.

Use the Transformation tools to rotate, flip or distort the picture. Use the Design tools to crop, resize, and/or rotate an image.

Create a New Image

Use the Create a New Image tool to create a new image.

Use the As New Document option to make the picture the size you want.

Image Resizing

Use the Resize tool to resize the image.

Use the Crop tool to crop the image.

Using Layer Masks and Blending Modes

Use the layer masks and blending modes to isolate parts of the picture.

Use the Layers palette to check the layers of the picture. Use the layer mask icon to check the parts of the picture. Use the layer mask icon to mask out the parts you don’t want the image to have.

Use the blending modes to make the image look different.

Create and Use Files

Use the Download button to save a picture to your computer.

Use the Organizer to organise your pictures

Photoshop Free Download 7.0 Windows 7

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