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The Photoshop Command Line

Often, you need to perform a single operation to an image, like the creation of a logo or an entire photo shoot or retouching a large image, and the tool you use is more powerful than what’s available in the Photoshop app.

The Photoshop command line enables you to get the computer to do whatever you want. You need to know how to use the command line in addition to the graphic tools that are found in Photoshop. The command line enables you to alter your image in powerful, low-level ways.

The following sections provide an introduction to the command line and some of the basics you need to know to get started using Photoshop at the command line. The Adobe help system is complete with a collection of tutorials on using the command line.

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This article explains how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit images, create new high-quality images or both.


The example used in this tutorial is a photograph of a flower.

In this example, we will be able to edit the following parts of the image

Select background removal

Background removal and exposure corrections

Contrast and brightness corrections

Color balance and tinting

Shading and anti-aliasing

Color and contrast adjustments

Lighten or darken selected areas

Remove blemishes and artifacts

Replace or add images, such as text, logos and more

The photographs were taken with a Nikon D5300 DSLR camera and edited using the NIK Software panel in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019.

Step 1: Selecting the flower image

Use the Rectangle Select Tool (M) to select the flower image. Press Shift while selecting to expand the selection to the entire image. (Option/Alt Shift/Ctrl Shift/⇧ Shift on Windows) Press the W key to automatically fill the selection with the current foreground and background color. Press the E key to deselect.

Step 2: Background removal

Use the Magic Wand Tool (W) to select the background area. Press Shift to make sure the selection is correct. Press the I key to invert the selection. Press and hold down the Ctrl key, then press the E key to deselect the selection.

Let’s start removing the background.

1. Remove blue using Levels

Click on the Levels icon on the toolbox panel to open the Levels dialog box.

Add the required levels to the mask. Click in the white areas of the flowers and press down on the tab to open the slider tool. Click on the flower to change the foreground color and press up and down on the slider. It is important to keep the white areas of the flower inside the black area, otherwise the flower will start to become visible.

2. Use the Eraser Tool (E) to remove the background

Use the Eraser Tool (E) to remove the dark areas of the image. Press E on the keyboard or click on Eraser icon on the toolbar.

3. Fill the blank areas with white

To remove the excess paint on the leaves, paint new white areas with the Brush Tool (B) or the Eraser Tool (E).

Make sure

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