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Working with layers

Photoshop layers are places where you store objects and edit them without resizing or losing the quality of the other layers. They are typically rearranged in a Photoshop workspace.

The classic Photoshop workspace has six layers arranged like this:

Figure 6-1: Anywhere a photo can go is a good place to start if you’re new to Photoshop.

1. Foreground.

2. Background.

3. Clipping mask.

4. Layer.

5. Adjustment layer.

6. Document background.

You can add more layers by using the Organizer window from the Layers panel.

The following sections provide more information on these various layers.

Figure 6-1: A simple, straightforward workspace.

Foreground, background, and clipping mask

The foreground (or color) layer is on top of the background (or black) layer. It’s where you place your image, and you can change the background color simply by using the Foreground color control in the Layers panel.

You can also change the background to a transparent color by using the Background Color control in the Layers panel.

Using the Clipping Mask is ideal for making final adjustments or adding a layer of photos. After you create a new layer, the image fills the new layer as long as the transparent parts of the new layer are in front of the main image.

If you want to create a clipping mask or fill a shape with a new layer, don’t use the Fill or Color dialog boxes. Instead, use the Rectangular Selection tool.


If you add a layer to your image (and this makes it a layer), you can open the Layers panel to make layer adjustments and add more. The original image is on the layer’s bottom, and when you create a new layer, you add that layer on top.

To remove a layer, select its icon in the Layers panel and press the Delete key on your keyboard. You can also press Ctrl+D/ and select Delete Layer.

Adjustment layers

An adjustment layer can change a portion of an image without changing the size or shape of the other layers in the image. You use these layers to adjust the contrast, brightness, tint, color, and

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It can be extremely useful in cases where, for various reasons, you would prefer to use a lighter version of Photoshop.

Because Photoshop is more or less the industry standard and Photoshop Elements is targeted at a lower level audience, it might not have everything you are looking for.

However, it is a relatively fast app to use and one that, for beginners, is easy to master.

In this article, we will cover where you can find the essential features in Photoshop Elements and where you will have to use a third-party app.

Updated on January 21, 2018 to reflect changes in the UI and features.

To view this article in French, visit the link below.


Creating great looking images can take much more than just knowing how to use the tools. The application and screen size you use to edit your images, the multiple layers and grouping, the use of filters can all have a big impact on your final result.

Photoshop Elements is a versatile program that can be used by photographers, graphic designers, web designers, Discord emoji creators and meme-makers.

The features of this program are quite comparable with what you can find in Photoshop, but this is not a program designed specifically for designers. It is meant for more casual users who want to make a few changes to their photos. It offers some of the features of Photoshop like the ability to change the size of photos and can even create cartoons on your computer.

This software has a few very useful basic features and allows you to edit photos just by dragging and dropping them onto the main screen.

It also allows you to create filters, adjust the levels of your photo and play with multiple basic photo effects.

Photoshop Elements is known by a lot of names and many people who have used Adobe Photoshop, may not know that this application existed. Luckily for you, it is possible to import your Photoshop files and use your files with Photoshop Elements. This article will take you through every essential feature of Photoshop Elements and how to use them.

Quick Start: Design & Photography

Let’s start by taking a look at all the features you’ll need to edit photos quickly and efficiently.

Making your photos look professional is possible with Photoshop Elements. You can use this program to replace images on your website, add a border or create a custom message. The vast selection of options will allow you to manipulate any type of image.

Design And Photography

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Floating action button: Doesn’t show the image

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keyboard goes off when app goes in background or lockscreen

I am working on application in which I am using TextWatcher.My problem is when my application goes in background or when it locks the screen my key board goes off but i am not able to lock the keyboard so how can i lock it or make it’s focus to input view so that user can type in it.


I just had a similar problem. I was noticing that even though the system was locking the screen, the keyboard was still active (It was open). I solved it by intercepting the “onScreenKeyboardShown” event and requesting the system to lock it (finishInput() method on InputMethodManager).
public void onScreenKeyboardShown(int keyboardHeight, int keyboardWidth) {
Keyboard.KeyboardListener listener = new Keyboard.KeyboardListener() {

public boolean onKey(View v, int keyCode, KeyEvent event) {
if(event.getAction() == KeyEvent.ACTION_DOWN){
final boolean prevent = preventDefault(KeyEvent);
// This prevent the system from allowing the users to type
InputMethodManager imm = (InputMethodManager) getSystemService(Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE);
return false;
return true;

private boolean preventDefault(KeyEvent event){
// Prevent “links”

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