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The most important part of any graphic design is knowing the style and creating a design that suits the graphic. For example, if your graphic is going to be part of an advertisement, your design should create the appropriate mood — be it funny, sexy, sexy with a sense of humor, romantic, or inspirational. Understanding the basic concepts Photoshop is a big program with many features — it’s not just for designing professional-level graphics. Many features allow you to recreate the capabilities of another design program, such as Illustrator, by building files from scratch, or perhaps allow you to make perfect images that you can place on a letterhead or insert into a newsletter. To get a feel for the basics, start with a new, blank document in Photoshop and follow these steps: 1. Choose File⇒New. 2. At the New dialog box (as shown in Figure 1-1), specify a new image file size and format and then click OK. The size is set by your monitor, so the number of pixels does not have an absolute number attached to it. (Because monitors vary in size and image files can vary, you often see different pixel counts for images in different monitors or when using different monitors.) Generally, most of the time, you work with images at 100 pixels per inch (ppi), which is an absolute unit of measurement based on the size of your monitor. You can use this to calculate the size of the image on a predetermined size monitor and then also resize the image. 3. To set the image’s resolution (or pixel size), enter a value of 72 in the Width box. 4. Click OK. You now see your new, blank document in the Image section of the application. 5. Choose File⇒Save As. The Save As dialog box opens. Choose a new file name and then click Save. 6. Now add text, shapes, or images to your file. After making the creation of images that are ready to use, you need to return your files to the standard Photoshop format. To do so, choose File⇒Export⇒Save for Web. Choose a file format for your Web-safe image, as well as the desired image size, and then click Save. Photoshop creates a new flattened file in the Image Type tab. Photo by Eric Isselee **Figure 1-1

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Photoshop Here you are presented with a tutorial on how to use a few of the most important features of Photoshop to create a new image. A quick note on keyboard shortcuts: If you are coming from Photoshop, you may find that Photoshop Elements doesn’t have a “CTRL + Z” to undo functions. Fortunately, Photoshop Elements has a much more suitable keyboard shortcut which is the “Z” key, the same button used to perform other functions on the computer such as shut down, log off, or move the cursor around the computer screen. 1. What are the most important Photoshop elements to know? For this tutorial, you will want to start with the Brush Tool, which allows you to paint on layers in your image and paint over areas. The Brush Tool allows you to paint areas of an image by clicking with the brush at the location where you want the image to be painted and then painting as you desire. Use the following steps to paint on a Photoshop Elements image: Press and hold the “[“ key on your keyboard (keyboard shortcut, CTRL+[ or Cmd+[) to activate the Brush Tool. Release the “[“ key on your keyboard. Click on an area in your image that you want to paint. Notice that a small square will appear around your cursor. Click anywhere on your image to let Photoshop know that you want to paint on that area. 2. What happens when you paint with the Brush Tool? Click any area on the page with the Brush Tool to paint that area. When you paint with the Brush Tool, you paint over any layers which are currently on top of the layer you are painting on. Paint over areas of the layer and you will paint over those areas of the image. When you release the brush you can then see the resulting image as you paint over an area on the layer. Note that you can paint over many different areas of your images. You can paint over entire pictures or just over small portions of the image. You can paint over whole designs or only over specific areas or text in your image. 3. What does the Eraser tool do? The Eraser tool is a brush that will allow you to “rub out” areas on an image. The Eraser is a very common tool, and many people use it in a681f4349e

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If you’re a university professor who thinks that teaching creative writing is boring, just wait until you hear about this exciting new addition to the teaching toolkit: a tool that will help you rewrite your students’ drafts. Ugh. Well, here is the new tool. It’s called “Critiquing Writing” in the Complete Short Story Writer’s Handbookby Brenda Knight and Linda Martell, and it’s very important. Every storyteller has learned, especially writers, that we all need a few kinds of criticism to improve our work: 1. Comprehension criticism: This means “reading the story line-by-line” and trying to figure out the writer’s ideas. 2. Revision criticism: This means rewriting parts of the story in order to either improve the story or remove errors. It can be applied to any kind of story, such as a short story or a longer piece, such as a novel. 3. Revision criticism when teaching writing: This requires rewriting your student’s first draft. You need to go through it line by line and make notes about what works, what needs to be deleted, what needs to be revised, and how the story could be tightened up. You need to be careful not to destroy the story by butchering it. But what if you don’t know how to do these things? What if you don’t know where to start? “Critiquing Writing” can teach you how. It has no innovative ideas of its own (well, it does, but they are very basic) and the authors didn’t write it thinking that it would help you become a better writer. They wrote it as a tool to help you with the three kinds of criticism you’ll need to be able to do successfully in order to teach writing. It is designed to help you do this in a way that will help your students. It’s not easy to write criticism in a way that will do this. It is likely to be a little tedious and a bit like doing the laundry. But it works because the authors have found how to do it and why you need to do it. The authors show how the criticism process works, and even give you examples. They show what kinds of criticism are useful and they show what kinds are not. The chapters are easy

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As a serial inventor and business builder, I’ve learned a lot about business over the years. I’ve tried many different approaches to help small businesses grow, including marketing them to specific demographics of potential customers, leveraging their ability to create a custom product that will fit their business model, and selling an existing product or service to those business owners. The most important thing for a small business owner to understand is that their business is an extension of their brand, or the image they are projecting to potential customers. Most small business owners tend to have a very generic brand – be it hardware store, medical provider, or anything. If the brand and product they sell doesn’t fit with their brand, then they’re going to struggle. Therefore, the most important thing for them to do is to determine what it is that they want to project to their customers. Once they know their image, they’ll be able to target demographic groups that will naturally want to buy their products. There are many ways to do this. One of them is to look up keywords in Google AdWords that are going to match up with your business’s niche, or specific type of business. Another is to search for prospective business owners on sites like oDesk or Upwork, and reach out to them. Additionally, you can look at LinkedIn and see who the people your target audience is connected to. Once you’ve identified a target audience, you can advertise your business using social media, email marketing campaigns, search engine marketing, and a combination of the above to get the most visibility you can. Over the last few years, though, I’ve seen a shift in the business process. More companies are looking to identify their ideal customer, without identifying the geographic location of where the customer is based. There’s a lot of competition for your attention, and unless your prospect is a very obvious fit for what you do, they don’t stand a chance. As such, I’m seeing more and more new small businesses set up shop online, with a business model that makes it very clear what they do, and then advertise the fact that they do it on their website or via social media. This is great for a lot of reasons. For one, it removes a lot of the competition for the attention of the prospective customer. Instead of having to convince them that you’re better than the competition, all you have to do is display what you

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1 GPU Minimum System Requirements: Hello, and welcome to another look at Destiny 2.The September monthly update is here and contains 2 new features, the Strike-based Raid Finder and more missions! This month, we wanted to take a closer look at the impact that the new Raid system has on Destiny 2, and how that’s impacting our existing Raids. Raids used to feel more like solo content in Destiny, with limited group size and needing to farm together. However, with the introduction of new Raid content, Raids